Khloé Kardashian knew how to knock down an internet troll calmly and concisely. On Monday, the 36-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star retweeted a Twitter commenter who slammed her for using a migraine medicine and questioned her use of plastic surgery.

Kardashian appeared in an ad for the migraine medicine Nurtec that was uploaded on Twitter, and one user commented with the question, "Does research imply that the more cosmetic surgery someone gets, the more likely they are to suffer from migraines?" The user also chastised Kardashian's appearance, claiming that she has undergone so much plastic surgery that she resembles an alien.

Reacting to the tweet, Kardashian commented, "I'm sorry you're feeling this way. You have all the authority to block/mute me." 

Khloe Kardashian faces allegations of excessive plastic surgery, photoshop

After speaking out, Kardashian got a flood of messages of support, including one from someone who expressed gratitude to Nurtec for highlighting a celebrity who suffers from migraines. The reality star recently revealed to PEOPLE that she used to suffer from severe migraine discomfort that forced her to cancel her whole day.

Khloe is no stranger to photo controversy. She has been accused of plastic surgery and photoshopping photos in the past. When an unedited photo of her in a leopard-print bikini was posted online in April, she came under criticism. Despite receiving several positive comments on her body, her public relations and legal staff went on a fury to "scrub" the photo from the internet but were unsuccessful. 

Khloe later spoke out about the photo, appealing to people to understand the hardship she's gone through over the years. She stated she had "struggled with body image her whole life," posing topless to show off her unretouched and unfiltered figure, The Sun reported.

Kim Kardashian's sister has long stated that she has not had any cosmetic surgery. However, she has admitted to getting lip fillers and has not ruled out future treatments. Extreme makeup usage and digital filters on social media sites have been blamed for some of her changing looks, and her Instagram photos are frequently changed before being posted.

Khloe Kardashian eventually called herself "beautiful" in the photo and criticized the pressure many women face to modify their looks. She maintained her freedom to transform her looks as she considers fit.

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Kardashian was previously chastised for ranting about plastic items

Per Daily Mail, Khloé Kardashian was called out yet again on social media early Monday morning after she posted a video on her Instagram Stories ranting about individuals who use a lot of single-use plastic items, such as small water bottles. However, Twitter users quickly pointed out that many of Khloé's events involve massive balloon displays that are almost certainly dumped once they have been utilized.

Helium, a non-renewable material that rises out of the Earth's atmosphere and into space after usage, is also used to fill the balloons. Others pointed out that Khloé previously showed off her pantry, which was stocked with single-use plastic wraps and containers.

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