Kim Kardashian had sought protection against a man she claimed is attempting to break into her home. A man who claimed to love her and is becoming dangerously frustrated. 

The reality star's lawyer, Shawn Holley, rushed to court on Friday and obtained a temporary restraining order to protect her from Charles Peter Zelenoff, a 32-year-old guy who she claimed has been harassing her for months.

Kim Kardashian alleged the guy keeps writing about wanting to pursue a physical relationship with her, and he's had a lot of alarming posts about trying to enter her home, according to new legal documents obtained by TMZ

She claimed in the papers that the man has filmed videos outside the edge of her property and that he is becoming increasingly frustrated about not being able to get inside.

According to Kim Kardashian, she is concerned that the man could locate her home because she has never disclosed her address. He has two previous battery convictions, making him dangerous, Kim Kardashian said. Kanye West's ex-wife is forthright in the records when asked about her relationship with the man; her response is one word: "stalker." Kim Kardashian's temporary restraining order was granted, and Zelenoff is required to stay 100 yards away from her at all times.

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Kim Kardashian denies catching COVID-19 on birthday bash

Kim Kardashian has disclosed that she tested positive for COVID-19 but went on to study for her law exam despite the illness. Late last year, fans of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star watched her admit that she contracted the disease from her five-year-old son, Saint, which caused filming for the reality show to be halted for two weeks.

In its 20th and last season, the show followed the billionaire businesswoman as she prepared for a law exam, which she failed. "We're meant to complete 12-hour study sessions every day leading up to the test, and I've simply been feeling so sick and so dreadful with COVID-19 that I can hardly get out of bed and study," she explained, citing coughing, fatigue, and fever as symptoms, BuzzFeed reported.

Despite her condition, the 40-year-old was determined to take the exam. And it looks like her most recent attempt to pass the exam failed, but she reassured supporters on social media that she's "not giving up" and that she'll retake it soon.

In October, Kim Kardashian's island birthday vacation was sparked by a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, wherein it was revealed that she had COVID-19. During the pandemic, she went on a trip to celebrate her 40th birthday with a large party on a private island. She started having COVID-19 symptoms a week before her exam, which was scheduled for November 17.

"Nobody caught COVID-19 from the trip," Kim Kardashian responded, quickly debunking the rumors, as per Mirror. Saint was the first in our family to contract the virus, and he acquired it at school from another student who was the first to test positive. After he coughed on me while I was caring for him, I experienced symptoms and was diagnosed with it a few days later."

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