The head of Shin Bet, an Israeli security service, said that moves to remove current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might result in bloodshed. Nadav Argaman stated that he is not confident of a smooth transition of power should the current leader of Israel lose his position.

Argaman expressed concern at what the top Israeli official might do if he resists leaving office. Much of Argaman's concern is over a possible transition and how it will occur peacefully and without violence, reported the Daily Mail.

Netanyahu is offended by the Shin Bet head

The prime minister did not take the remarks of the head of Shin Bet lightly. Although Netanyahu did not point out Argaman specifically, he made it known that he did not approve of Argaman's public warning that likened the political atmosphere to a powder keg that can explode anytime.

Last Sunday, the Israeli leader alluded to a double standard. He said that remarks by the Right are regarded as incitement while those made by the Left are considered acceptable. To this, the prime minister chaffed at the power grab attempt of his competitors.

This situation comes as Netanyahu started the fight for his political career early this week, as competing parties signed a coalition deal that could bring an end to his 12 years in power.

Attempt to unseat Netanyahu

The Israeli leader posted on Twitter last Thursday that all "right-wing" politicians oppose what he called attempts to set up a "dangerous left-wing government." He also said that his rivals, Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, have sold out to the United Arab List party, noted the Guardian.

Bennett and Lapid signed a last-minute arrangement with List Party Chairman Mansour Abbas late Friday night and handed the notice to Israel's longest-serving Prime Minister. This development further strengthened fears Netanyahu incites his supporters as means to criticize him.

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To keep his position, Netanyahu needs to get a few members of Parliament to his side to diminish the numbers of his political rivals. He is currently collaborating with a friendly speaker, who can delay the confirmation up to 12 days.

Should Netanyahu succeed, the nation may be compelled to go to the poll for the sixth occasion in about three years. If he fails, he will be forced to run for office and face corruption charges in court.

Netanyahu is an experienced political campaigner and he began his new mission by trying to drive a wedge between the Arab List and its new allies, cited Tech Gate

Netanyahu released an old video clip of Bennett stating that Abbas "visited terrorist murderers in jail."

According to political analysts, Netanyahu will likely pluck off at least some members of the right-leaning Yamina party who are unhappy about allying with Arab lawmakers as well as other leftist parties.

His opponents have referred to the criminal charges brought against Netanyahu as one of the main reasons for Israel's need for a new head, arguing that he is using a new term to enact immunity to shield himself.

Netanyahu is painted as a cunning politician. Not only using his position as a shield from prosecution but also, as Argaman fears, Netanyahu incites his supporters as his opponents make a play to unseat him.

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