For the longest time in the Middle East, the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel have established ties. Through the brokering of the Trump administration, these parties have signed an agreement to reconnect and establish bridges again in turbulent times.

Last Tuesday, the White House was the venue for these estranged countries as they pledged to make peace. With the help of President Trump, they hope to counter the actions of Iran as a single bloc. Iran of late has been unpredictable rancorous too, reported Reuters.

President Trump said on the White House balcony that everyone present that afternoon are there to change the flow of history in the strife-ridden region. Adding the deals as a step forward for people of different faith and histories will start an era of peace and prosperity. Lastly, stating that these three countries will be partners and friends in the new era, noted See News.

It is an important diplomatic success that was not easy to reach, as the situation gave it a longshot of success. But Trump nailed it last Tuesday, during the last four years, he has been seeking diplomatic agreements and deals. One of them is North Korea's nuclear program that was not complete as a success, according to Al Jazeera.

These countries are shadowed by fears of Iran's saber-rattling in the region, as a big concern. Another is Iran's arsenal of ballistic missiles in development, and Iran had harsh opinions on the Washington deals too.

Leaders of the three nations remarked positively on the agreements glowing success with Trump's part in reaching this landmark in history. Netanyahu of Israel said that hope was now with the people of Abraham. Accordingly, Jews and Moslems are close as brothers under the skin and religion, confirmed Japan Times.

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Assuaging fears of Palestine, the UAE and Bahraini officials said they will not be forgotten. That included their desire to be recognized as a state by Israel. Before the signing, they were chanting betrayal of the Arab cause. Still, assurances were given despite their fears.

Despite the accord's signing, the Palestine militants used rockets that killed people right at that moment. It is reported that Israeli army injured some  civilians.

One aspect of the peace accord is that it will help him get votes for a second term. This will be from Pro-Israel voters who have Jewish connections. It will be a crucial part of his political base too.

The White House was hoping for Saudi and Oman's participation after Trump spoke to the Omani leader a week ago. However, Saudi Arabia had no representative but the Oman consul was present.

 President Trump met the UAE foreign minister before the event and gave thanks to being the first to step up restarting ties with Israel. But Iran belligerence was overshadowing why such a historic agreement is possible.

Trump stated that due to sanctions, Iran will seek a deal with Washington in the form of an international nuclear accord. But Tehran still had a hard-liner stance and staying put. Israel's pact is more detailed, stating a declared peace with two countries who have not been at war. Tactful words like full diplomatic relations, not normalization is used.

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