The China Covid-19 outbreaks have gotten worse, with officials getting backlash from the Chinese Communist Party for their failed attempts to control the virus. Affected were three clinics and doctors working there, relieved on May 16 to May 17.

China Covid-19 outbreaks have not eased up

Last May 17, an alarm was raised in northeastern China's Liaoning Province and eastern China's Anhui Province were considered a "medium" risk of contracting the CCP virus, which triggers COVID-19, reported Epoch Times.

Concerned about the spike in official case cases, records showed a 13.95 million uptick in vaccine doses given on May 16-the highest number for a single day after the regime started monitoring daily vaccines on March 24, noted Archive.

Reports say the new outbreaks are associated with infections that first exhibited signs during early May and the five-day Labor Day holiday period in China. A maximum of 230 million passenger journeys was confirmed.

Anhui officials diverted responsibility for their local clusters by stating that their first patient became infected in Liaoning. At the same time, the Liaoning provincial government argued that two travelers from Anhui are responsible for their breakouts.

On May 17, Chinese netizens uploaded videos on social media depicting the government limiting people's movement in whole residential buildings by welding iron gates, attaching paper seals, or locking the doors with iron padlocks from the outside, mentioned Newzealand News.

Other respondents from Anhui and Liaoning stated they are in a desperate scenario; China Covid-19 outbreaks are not abating. They complained that they do not know the actual condition of the Epidemic owing to the information control but lost their freedom, leaving everyone fearful that they're unable to escape in a crisis.

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The Central government has kept silent about the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is criticized for using oppressive controls on people. Over the recent months, respondents from various Chinese regions have informed The Epoch Times that friends and families have died because they cannot leave their locked-down residences to get treatment if they are sick.

Spiraling Epidemic: fired officials and closed clinics

On May 3, a COVID-19 patient with the surname Lv went to a hospital in Yingkou, Liaoning, for a sore throat. Several individuals were screened over the national holiday at Liu'an Shi'an Hospital and Xiangling'an Community Clinic in Anhui. Still, they were diagnosed with common fever, and the cases also weren't registered to the local government medical departments.

Liaoning kicked out three Yingkou local politicians and warned nine others by mentioning another severe failure on their official resumes. Three more officials were punished. The Yu'an district health committee's leaders were fired on May 16, and the district party boss and mayor confessed in front of the city's party boss and mayor.
Three clinics located in Liaoning and Anhui diagnosed patients over the May festival are forced to close, and their business licenses were withdrawn. The physicians were also shot on communist party orders and prohibited from practicing medicine for at least a year.

Still, Beijing has no idea how the cases in Liaoning and Anhui started; China Covid-19 outbreaks are not still under control, as the virus surges.

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