New York Governor Andrew Cuomo cautioned New Yorkers that if they are unvaccinated against COVID-19, they could kill grandmothers with a kiss. During a press conference on Monday, Cuomo remarked the state was targeting the young and dubious about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cuomo Warns Unvaccinated Could Kill Grandmas

The governor has ignited outrage after his warning to younger people. He said, "maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother, and wind up killing your grandmother," reported The Guardian.

He also stated during the press conference, "My argument is, yeah, maybe you'll be fine. And by the way, you don't know that either. We've had a lot of young people who have died," reported Washington Examiner.

According to Cuomo, there is an "attitude" among uninoculated individuals that they think they will be fine. He cautioned that unvaccinated individuals could have an aftermath repercussion of the novel coronavirus. He turned heads when he warned locals that visiting their grandmother before administering a vaccine could kill them.

Critics condemned Cuomo for blaming unimmunized individuals for endangering older people in the wake of New York's nursing home scandal. It surfaced the previous week that the governor's office spent at least five months attempting to prevent the real COVID-19 nursing home fatality toll from being divulged to the public, reported Daily Mail.

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Cuomo's comments came as he is under federal investigation for overseeing nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Secretary to Governor Melissa DeRosa acknowledged and apologized previously this year for concealing New York's COVID-19 death toll in nursing homes rooted in a controversial March 25, 2020 order.

He previously planned on spending last Thanksgiving with his mother and two daughters. According to Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean on Cuomo's comments in a statement on Monday, he has "some nerve" targeting unvaccinated people visiting their elderly relatives during his nursing home scandal. COVID-19 became personal for Dean following both of her parents-in-law passing away due to respiratory illness in New York nursing homes.

At the commencing of the pandemic, Cuomo also prohibited nursing homes from rejecting recovering COVID-19 patients who were released from the hospital. This move has been blamed for making the virus prevalent in the state's care homes.

Cuomo acknowledged that his rule resulted in a "void" that is not producing information on nursing homes. However, he has downplayed the issue. He has already received denouncement on social media for his Monday comments in the wake of the nursing home scandal, including Rep. Andy Biggs.

Both sides of the aisle have slammed Cuomo for his controversial nursing home guidelines. Fox News colleague Harris Faulkner also criticized Cuomo, indicated the governor should stop talking.

The New York Democrat is now facing a probing over sexual misconduct allegations from 10 women. These include claims of touching and kissing without consent.

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