Democrat Senators urge Biden last Wednesday to pay back expenses for the deployment of the National Guard. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, send the Guard to cope with the border chaos.

Democrat Senators urge Biden to reimburse Arizona

In a letter to Biden, Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) stated their support for the deployment. They endorsed sending the National Guard to the U.S. border to help assist in the immigration crisis, reported the Epoch Times.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, declared this week that he would send up to 250 National Guardsmen to the border to stem the flow of illegal immigrants attempting to breach the border. It will cost about $25 million to do just that.

He said that the influx of immigrants has endangered those near the border, except the media, has not covered how negatively affected everyone is, with the President's blunder in creating the chaos at the border.

Ducey said that Arizona would need to deploy guardsmen, but the White House has no input. The presidPresidentis administration has allowed things to degrade; no action is expected. Ducey said sharply that he'd do what's needed to do, criticizing the indecisiveness of Biden that was unlike Donald Trump.

While the recently signed American Rescue Plan provides some services, sources state that "additional staff are required at the border to ensure our citizens are safe, and migrants are treated equally and humanely." It's not enough, as more are expected to come anytime soon. But Democrat Senators Urge Biden to do what is needed to fix the border.

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Critics of the White House say there is a need for a secure and orderly process at the U.S. southern border that the federal government should do. Instead, the burden fell on the state of Arizona or Arizona border communities; as of this writing, 500 guardsmen are in place at the southern Arizona border sectors. It took Gov. Ducey and the concurrence of Democrat Sistema and Kelly, with other agencies to do it.

The senators were quoted in this statement.

"As a consequence, we request that you compensate the state of Arizona for the border security deployment announced by the Governor yesterday and that you keep increasing DHS personnel who can further help with the processing of migrants, securing the border, and conducting out essential security missions."

No White House spokesperson nor the press secretary has made any comments on the concern. The U.S. has struggled to keep the children regulated, opening over a dozen new facilities and asking foster parents to take them in.

Both Republicans and even a few brave Democrats have asked what the President does about the border, besides keeping on giving excuses. Democrats Sinema and Kelly said the President ducking the U.S. border implies something about it, and he should not be allowing festering chaos to affect border communities.

Biden acknowledged the situation as a "crisis" for the first time on Saturday, telling reporters that he planned to increase the number of refugees allowed into the country. That, according to Biden, will help to alleviate the crisis.

Democrat Senators Urge Biden to pay back Arizona is only one of many criticisms of this monumental blunder.

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