Air Force officials revealed that the B-21 Stealth Bomber' Raider', a next-generation bomber, can defend itself against air-to-air threats. This was confirmed as threats that can shoot down the bomber needs to be dealt with.

B-21 Stealth Bomber

Maj. Gen Scott L. Plus, Pacific Air Forces Director of Air and Cyber Operations confirmed the weapon system's new capabilities, reported Fighter Jets World.

The United States Air Force said that the flying wing has long-range and low observable stealth capability. It can enter enemy defense zones without getting detected and attacking its own in critical strike missions. It has advantages of advanced radar that will guide munitions more accurately. Unlike the B-2, it can defend itself better if engaged by enemy fighters. It can even support its escort fighter if needed in a pinch.

B-21 Raiders improved over the B-2 Spirit

It is the next replacement for the much larger B-2 Spirit used by the USAF for now. Raiders are designed to be operated at a lesser cost of maintenance. More Raider is expected to be in service and improve payload capacity for bulky nuclear warheads and specialized conventional warheads, GBU-57.

If needed, the B-21 Stealth Bomber' Raider' will be the spearhead to attack nuclear CCP targets in Western China, passing through what will be the most heavily guarded airspace on the planet. One of the widest obstacles is the Pacific, where Raiders' best stealth tech has the only chance to escape unseen.

B-21 Bomber Is the Most Advanced Bomber Made to Overcome Anti- Stealth Defenses

One or several Raider bombers will have to successfully stop DF-5 and DF-41 intercontinental-range ballistic missiles and DF-26 intermediate-range missiles aimed at carrier strike groups and land bases at Guam.

One solution to keep the bombers escorted is the 6th generation fighters. It can replace the F-22 and F-18E workhorses of the USAF and the navy. The next-generation advance fighter (NGAD) will travel farther and escort the Raiders into Chinese airspace; these new fighters and bombers are the keys to American strategy.

If the Air Dominance Fighter cannot be fulfilled, the Raiders with air-to-air missiles as an immediate solution. Before the jet age, the B-29 and B-52 were bristling with anti-aircraft guns all over; now, missiles are the best defense for a fighter or bomber in any engagement.

One of the problems with having advanced escort fighters for Raiders is the expense to build and arm them in sufficient numbers. There is a good chance that arming the Raider with homing missiles and seekers guided by radar or other means is the least expensive option.

A loss of one stealth Raider will be a big blow to the air force, and protecting itself is better than passively avoiding a missile or radar lock.

The bomber is still large, and it can still carry air to air munitions, added to its usual stack of missiles inside the bomb bay. Armed with the most advanced radar and ways to fool enemy radar, with the best sensors that China or Russian doesn't possess, the B-21 Stealth Bomber is unmatched.

Not much is known about China or Russian systems due to the secrecy of their programs.

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