Here are the different kinds of people you need to unfriend and unfollow on your social media account immediately. Social media is supposed to be an avenue to spread positive vibes and not a tool to malign, embarrass, dehumanize, or spread negative ideas. For the past few years, social media has offered both its positive and negative effects.

One of the main objectives of social media is to socialize and meet new friends. However, we have some people on our friends' list who do the other way around, always using social media to rant and spread negative thoughts.

(Photo : Pexels/Diana)
The illustration shows a person who unfollows on unfriends someone because of his negative influence.

According to a published article on Fairy God Boss, these are some signs you have to look out for and will serve as your basis to unfriend or unfollow a person. Here are some of them:

1. Pity Party People

Everyone has the right to complain, and sometimes people use social media to express their disappointments over a particular subject. However, it is not good to have a friend on social media who constantly complains. It is not healthy to always read rants and complaints on social media because somehow, it also affects our mood. If you have friends who always do this, you better mute, unfriend, or unfollow them, according to a published article on CNN.

2. Judgemental People

Everyone has the right to live their lives as they please, but no one has the right to judge others. If someone constantly subtweets or blatantly makes undesirable comments on your posts, then you have to decide to unfriend that person. You deserve a life that you wanted to have.

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3. Preachy People

Social media should be carefree and fun. There is no need for people to post a 500-word status and discuss a particular subject or topic. It could be a source of misunderstanding most of the time and can also cause conflict. Eliminate these people from your friends' list because they are just treating you like a grade-schooler being lectured by parents, according to a published article on HuffPost.

4. The Over-Sharer

Admit it or not, you have friends on your list who always share their daily activities. These persons typically share everything about what they are currently doing like nothing else matters to everyone. If you think you have "over-sharer" friends who exaggerate everything about their lives, then you know what to do.

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5. People Whose Opinions and Beliefs Upset You

While it is true that it is healthy for someone on our friends' list to share their opinions and beliefs because this helps develop our critical thinking skills, it is no longer fit if they already caused damage to other persons. If these persons' posts upset or offend you, then unfriend or unfollow them. You deserve a happy life.

6. Anyone You Do Not Know

 It is good to accumulate new friends on social media. However, there is also a danger in always accepting friend requests from people we do not know. They might use our personal information in illegal activities. So better check your friends' list now and unfollow or unfriend people you do not personally know.