Following its Amazon Web Services suspension, which effectively drove it offline, the 'Parler comeback' was made possible after the social network redesigned its website a month later.

After going dark for a month, the 'Parler comeback' homepage has a message which encouraged its users to speak freely and express themselves openly, without fear of being de-platformed.

Despite losing its previous contents, as it is no longer available on the platform, users were welcomed by the platform's first post, emphasizing that they will not be canceled along with a flexing bicep emoji.

Return after Going Dark

According to Voice of America, the website's return marks the platform's reopening after revelations that several rioters during the United States Capitol siege had organized on Parler. It triggered major tech platforms to cut their business with the alt-tech microblogging and social networking service company.

After tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Google decided not to work with Parler, it drastically affected the company, which suddenly led to their disappearance from the public internet.

As visitors checked the platform in recent weeks, they were just being greeted by a static placeholder message instead of accessing the platform.

Now, the platform appears to be in full service online as it carries a redesigned logo. The site also links to a new community guidelines document, which explains that the company will not allow being a tool for crime, civil torts, or other unlawful acts if they are aware of it.

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In addition, the community guidelines still maintain that the platform will try to eliminate content as minimal as possible, which shows how the platform attempts to balance its pitch to users as a haven for unrestricted speech with the scrutiny it has faced for its role in enabling violent extremists to organize.

Based on the platform's community guidelines, Parler will be the one to decide what will be removed or filtered or whose account will be deleted based on the opinion expressed within the content at issue.

The Parler comeback document expects users to curate their own feeds by using platform-provided tools such as blocking and muting users and even keywords.

At the time of its removal from Amazon Web Services' hosting platform, there were questions as to where Parler might turn for its infrastructure support, which includes web security and domain hosting.

In the previous CNN report, the platform had hired DDOs-guard, a Russia-based cloud services provider.

However, the said decision had triggered the House Oversight Committee's chairwoman asking for sufficient documentation from Parler regarding its ties to DDos-guard.

This time, in the Parler comeback, the platform directs its traffic to an IP address linked to a California-based cloud services provider known as 'SkySilk.'

During an interview, SkySilk stated that they believed that Parler is taking the necessary steps to monitor its platform better.

Skysilk also added that as a company, they do not advocate nor condone hate. Rather, they advocate the right to private judgment and reject the role of being the judge, jury, and executioner, TechCrunch reported.

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