Several Republican senators proposed a bill against Chinese influence to minimize the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) effect on American educational institutions. The new bill will provide ways to lessen how the Chinese compromise American institutions.

A New Bill to Stop the Subversion of America

For many years, the CCP promoted their language centers called the Confucius Institutes in universities worldwide. This is part of their grand strategy to gain more influence globally. However, it has not been easy as the Confucius Institutes are getting affected by blowback over their role in promoting communist propaganda. It also appears that they are conditioning students to accept communist-style education against academic freedom, reported the Epoch Times.

Sources identified that these Confucius Institutes are finance, controlled, with staff from Hanban, which is connected to the Chinese Ministry of Education. That was revealed by a 2019 U.S. Senate subcommittee on investigations in a special report.

Hanban has several agreements with universities in the US that are kept confidential; no one outside the university knows anything about the arrangements. In the United States, there are 50 of these China-based institutes, based on data provided by the National Association of Scholars (NAS).

On April 6, a group of Republican lawmakers led by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) introduced a bill against Chinese influence called the Transparency for Confucius Institutes Act. Their goal is to make sure host universities are still in control of these Chinese centers and that all agreements with the Hanban should be made public.

According to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.),

"Confucius Institutes allow the Chinese regime to funnel propaganda into American universities under the guise of educational enrichment."

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Senator Blackburn remarked that students in the US should not be "brainwashed by revisionist history" that the Chinese institutions do. They posed a danger by indoctrination to American students who are not aware they are getting brainwashed.

Shoving money to American students is not what CI (Confucius institutes) does. They also have Chinese directors and teachers who are all part of the Chinese regime, with relevant teaching materials. Ex-Confucius teachers said that the CCP dictated what suitable subjects for classes were. Taboo topics like Tibet or Taiwan were avoided, giving a positive image of the CCP is a critical component.

On top of funding, Hanban provides host universities with a Chinese director, teachers trained by the Chinese regime, and teaching materials. Former Confucius Institute teachers previously told The Epoch Times that they were instructed not to discuss topics deemed sensitive by the CCP, such as Tibet and Taiwan, and promote positive images of the CCP to students.

Once the new bill passes the senate floor, the need for a Chinese director is not required. Universities have to specify what programs will be under the Confucius institutes, including those organized by their Chinese language departments.

Senator Hawley added that all the members of the Confucius centers would undergo a required background check. Quoting what the senator said, "Anything else would be an abdication of our national security efforts."

In March, the 'Transparency for Confucius Institutes Act' in the Senate was passed by the Republican senators to stop the overarching influence of these Confucius institutes. The federal government will not give funds.

The 'Transparency for Confucius Institutes Act' is a bill against Chinese influence, which is essential to control because it is getting more serious; it is a means to lessen CCP control of American learning institutions. Where theft of American IT is sanctioned by the CCP has been going on, this bill ends it once and for all.

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