Sources say that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is considering rebuilding what remains of Trump's border wall. As soon as President Biden took office, he stopped constructing the wall and started his ill-fated border policy.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas is thinking of finishing what Trump began

Reports say that Secretary Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security is considering plugging the gaps in the unfinished border wall. As the holes remain, illegals, coyotes, and criminals have exploited to bypass the border patrol, reported Newsmax.

The Washington Times reported that rebuilding the border wall came about when the DHS secretary had a conversation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement staffers who voiced their concerns about the unfinished wall that lay in open gaps.

Staffers asked what Mayorkas would intend to do after their long talk about what happens next. He then said that even if President Joe Biden stopped building Trump's wall, the gaps could be finished in the wall as a technicality. The Washington Times noted that based on Mayorkas admission, the gaps could be covered.

Based on the transcript of the meeting with ICE that the outlet reviewed, the Customs and Border Protection responsible for the wall forwarded a plan that it had and what it needs to see the wall repaired and finished.

The Washington Times quoted DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on his statement to ICE staff during their discussions. "It's not a single answer to a single question. There are different projects that the chief of the Border Patrol has presented and the acting commissioner of CBP presented to me."

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"The president has announced explicitly that the emergency that caused the [Department of Defense] to commit funds to the building of the border wall is no longer in place. However, this leaves space for the government, as part of the administration, to make decisions about specific areas of the wall that need renovation and specific tasks that must be completed." This quote came from the Daily Political Newswire.

Mayorkas cited parts of the wall: the gaps, gates, and parts where Trump's wall should be standing, although the technology to finish its border wall is not executed yet.

The past acting commissioner of CBP, Mark Morgan, who was under former President Donald Trump, told a different DHS secretary Mayorkas statements. He harshly called the Biden administration's failure to solve the border crisis, saying that Mayorkas statements had no weight; it is untrue with misdirection to prevent more blame on the White House. He said the CBP has to provide suggestions on how to deal with restarting the border wall.

When Trump left office, about 460 miles were constructed that stopped most illegals from crossing over to the United States. Where the gaps are, it is easy to cross over on foot. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says he is considering if parts of the wall are covered, but as Commissioner Morgan said, it just baits to redirect attention from the White House.

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