Communist China is now the worst threat, and the CCP is throwing its weight around to gets its way. A former adviser to Mike Pompeo stressed the CCP must be deterred.

The CCP is now one of the top countries that is the West's concern, especially its activities. It has been the policy of the recent U.S. administration to oppose it, unlike past administration. The Biden administration is accused of lessening pressure on Beijing.

China is a big bully

According to Miles Yu, one of the Chinese advisers helped determine how the Trump administration deals with China. He said the Chinese red line is the moves that show China will never work with the West, but against it, reported the Epoch Times.

He said that Beijing's bold statement to the United States to say out of Hong Kong's Affairs, even Xinjiang and Tibet, threatened repercussions. Yu called this the communist's red lines that concern personal freedoms and democracy, no regard for international law. He is connected to the American Thought Leaders" program.

One of China's top diplomats told Biden not to even think of crossing the CCP because they can harm U.S. interests. This means China is discounting the U.S. after Trump was not re-elected.

Yu stressed that Xinjiang is a red line, which is translated as Beijing will violate the rights of Uyghurs placing them in concentration camps while performing inhuman torture and also violating their freedom too. Communist China wants the right to abuse freedom, and the international community cannot say anything against it. Even if the rights of people are violated, and the communists should be respected.

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He said that the CCP is using coercion and force to get its way. Such things should be rejected by people as well.

China openly violates human rights and should pay for these abuses, and calls the freedom to do it as domestic sovereignty. There is no excuse that allows genocide, killing, and suspending human liberties because no one can dictate what can be done.

Trump administration made it hard for the CCP

Before the Trump administration rolled out its policy that made the communists balk, realizing the U.S. will not be easily fooled again. The last administration reckoned that the Chinese communist had misled the United States and the world. One of the most malign countries that cannot be trusted will be shared by many countries later.

Big Break from Beijing

Before Trump, Yu said that everyone, including Obama, wanted to be friendly with China. But that did not work, and the Communists used that relationship to get ahead. The CCP wanted to make America think it can change and be democratic, but it failed.

According to the former adviser, everything was overhauled, and China is not regarded as a friendly nation. China was unmasked by the Trump administration and exposed for what it is.

He added that China was severely underestimated and communism is in their blood. Everything they do is there and how they've connected everything to achieve their goals. Many significant changes in dealing with Communist China were enacted during Trump's presidency, but will it change.

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