Former President Donald Trump is thinking of going to the US Border soon. Joe Biden is yet to confirm a visit to see the chaos himself. Thus, the 45th president of the United States expressed dismay how the new administration lost control. 

Donald Trump railed how bad things are

Visiting the US border under siege by the current administration will see Trump at the border. The border patrol has seen more illegal crossing in twenty years. Biden and the Democrats are getting a black eye because of this, reported NTD.

When asked why the former president will be going there. He said that people want him to go. He made the statement on Fox News  last Saturday night.

One of these looking for his leadership is the US Border Patrol that feels Biden is a no show. During his term Trump made the wall but Democrats opposed him.

President Joe Biden removed a number of key border protection initiatives introduced by the Trump administration. That includes ending the so-called "catch and release" policy that requires illegal aliens a court date.

These aliens need to attend the hearing on the date, but catch and release for Biden is releasing aliens only. No way is there to trace them when they enter.

Usually one will be granted asylum claims out of five candidates. It used to work but the administration that ended Donald Trump era policies is creating an unstable border.

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According to experts, the measures have resulted in a sharp rise in illegal border crossings. There are over 100,000 recorded in February alone, after the open border policy.

The surge of child migrants has prompted federal officials to have at least eight shelters. They include three convention centers to accommodate them.

Administration officials say there is nothing wrong with Biden's policy changes. The White House now blames Trump for all the problems, but the GOP, the border patrol, and former DHS official say it Biden's failure.

Before the president repealed Trump's order, everything was working. Biden suspended them unconstitutionally and state rose against him. Last solo press conference, he did not allegedly answer all questions about the border crisis.

Trump shot back at Biden's incompetence in handling the border crisis. He said many illegals whom he stopped are rushing to enter the border. They will destroy the country and the Democrats don't care.

He added those in charge don't know what's happening. Worse they can't fix the broken US border. He said that it is not his problem, alluding to Biden sitting in the White House.

Instead of handling it personally, he passed it to the vice-president. Trump said he'll visit soon, but Biden sits and waits while chaos happens.

Trump took a potshot at Biden, saying he was voted. He should go, neither is the ex-president racing to the border. He wants the Democrat to do his job. The visit of Donald Trump will be in the coming weeks. For all intents, its Biden's call not anyone else, why it is like this. 

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