President Joe Biden will have a discussion with Russia's President Vladimir Putin at the right time, according to the White House. Biden and Putin have provided contravening statements in the past few days.

President Joe Biden: 'When the Time is Right'

The White House stated on Friday that the United States president, who remarked previously this week that he agrees that Putin is a killer, will meet with the Russian leader at the "right time." White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said he would not draw back.

U.S.-Russia's diplomatic ties plunged on Thursday following the Russian leader's swipe back at Biden's agreement of him as a killer. The quips back and forth highlighted the U.S. president's wanting to distance himself from former President Donald Trump's projected softness on Putin. This was notwithstanding the actions his administration took against Russia.

Putin, in response, wishes Biden well and proffered him a live dialogue. The same as the last U.S. president, Biden is known for his personal attacks on foreign leaders.

Biden's statement was not regarded as controversial, considering the many people the former KGB agent is suspected of having killed. But Putin reportedly did not find this answer favorable. He responded by challenging Biden to a televised debate and adding that the free world leader should immediately fly to Russia to attend this event.

According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday, Biden's remarks about Putin in which he touted him as a "killer," were "not fitting of a president." In a TV interview broadcast on Wednesday, the U.S. president responded, "I do," when asked if he thought Putin was a killer, reported Aljareeza.

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On Friday, the Kremlin stated that Putin's offer to speak through a phone call with Biden was intended to alleviate bilateral ties from completely plunging to a new low over the American's remark.

According to spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, the Russian leader made it clear it is sensible to discuss maintaining Russia-U.S. relations rather than trading barbs, and he wanted to make it public to help mitigate tensions over Biden's "very bad remarks." Asked by the press on Friday if he will take Putin up on his offer to have a call, Biden said that he is sure that they will talk at some point, reported AP.

Putin, 68, on Thursday, mocked the U.S. leader with a Russian phrase that translates roughly as "it takes one to know one." He then wished the 78-year-old president good health and said it was without irony or not as a joke.

Biden pledged that Putin would "pay a price" for reportedly interfering in last year's election. According to Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, the debate would not ensue on Thursday.

According to Jeanne-Pierre, Biden will discuss with Putin at the right timing. Biden and Putin have differing perspectives of their respective nations. However, where they agree is that avenues should be sought to coordinate where it is in their mutual interest, reported The Economic Times.

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