President Joe Biden declared that he would direct states to make all adult Americans qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1. The Biden administration will ensure that each adult would receive the vaccine by increasing the number of vaccination sites by May 1.

COVID-19 Vaccines for All Adults by May 1

According to Biden, the move could help the United States return to a sense of normalcy by Independence Day. In the president's address marking the anniversary of the novel coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, he offered the nation a somber reflection on a year tainted by devastation and dreariness. Along with this, he also provided a renewed sense of hope that a post-pandemic future is soon to come if Americans do their part.

A year after the country was brought to a near-standstill by the coronavirus pandemic, the president used his first prime-time address to outline his plan to make all adults vaccine-eligible by May 1 and get the United States "closer to normal" by the fourth of July. Speaking in the White House East Room, the president declared actions to accelerate inoculations.

Basically, he used a pair of upcoming dates: May 1, when he will direct the states regarding the immunization, and July 4, when he stated Americans could again celebrate Independence Day in person. The deadlines provided distinct timeframes for worn-out Americans looking for a sign that the worst year in recent memory is receding. The dates also carry an inherent risk if they are not met, reported CNN.

Biden is directing the 50 states, territories, and tribal governments. According to Biden in his television address, "That's much earlier than expected.That doesn't mean everyone's going to have that shot immediately. But it means you're able to get in line beginning May 1," reported VOA.

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The East Room speech came mere hours after Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law. He stated that an "overwhelming percentage" of Americans supported the measure and called it an effort focused on rebuilding the backbone of the US. Biden also remarked that his administration is on track to beat his vow to deliver 100 million COVID-19 vaccination doses by the 60th day of his tenure.

With regards to his pledge, Biden said, "When I came into office, you may recall I set a goal, and many of you said it was way over the top. I said I intended to get 100 million shots in people's arms in my first 100 days in office," reported Boston 25 News.

He continued, "Tonight, I can say we're not only going to meet that goal we're gonna be beating that goal. We are actually on track to meet the goal of 100 million in arms on my 60th day in office."

As more individuals are fully vaccinated, Biden stated that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would update its guidance on travel and attending church worship services. The Biden administration has faced criticism by some for providing limited guidance so far for fully vaccinated individuals.

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