The AH-64 E Helicopter adds arms up with Spike NLOS Missiles as a mounted weapon. In addition to the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles that have been killing armor since introduction. Apache Guardian has had continual upgrades to make it a potent anti-armor personnel weapon system; one of the best weapons for close air support (CAS) of troops in combat.

AH-64 E Helicopter gets better

In the quest to make the Apache Guardian more lethal with Spike NLOS  (Non-Line Of Sight) missile-armed, tests were done to see the remote-control missile on a boat on the Florida Coast as a moving target. Clients of Boeing for the E-Guardian include Australia and India acquiring them for armed scout missions.

The US Army's advance gunship had its capabilities increased to destroy hidden targets with NLOS (Non-Line Of Sight) missiles. AGM-114 Hellfire is the best anti-armor missile, but sometimes targets are hidden. When hidden, especially of the visual range, it makes hitting accurately a bit harder. Improved chances of busting up moving targets and faster vehicles can strengthen lethality.

Testing with NLOS might find its way to client nations who bought the E- Guardian Apache. It was used by the Indian Army in the Ladakh border conflict with glowing results. More nations are opting for the Apache-E as replacements for air cavalry.

India will need a platform like the AH-64 E Helicopter to fire their Israeli Spike LR (long-range) Anti-tank missiles. They are similar to the Spike NLOS under trials with the US Army Apache Guardian units. The increasing offensive capability of armor gunships is a priority of the US Army and similar operators.

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The value of American attack helicopters has been proven and adding extra weapons like Spike ATGMS is important. Skirmishes in the air between India and Pakistan prompted it.

Spike Missile

Developed by Israel, this a 4th generation homing ant-tank rocket that has four versions available. Models are portable ones fired by infantry or mounted on attack helicopters. One of them is the Apache Guardian, and it is sold in 35 countries.

Spike variants are the Spike SR (short-range), medium-range, long-range, extended-range for all distances to attack targets. But, the Spike NLOS is chosen to be used for the Apache Guardian.

Still under trials by the US Army units that intend to add it to the Apache's arsenal. Chances are India will get the NLOS variant for its own attack choppers.

The range of the Spike NLOS is 25-km and rated as long-range for standoff ranges than other variants. Much larger weapon weighing about 70 kg. Capable of launching from the ground or airborne. This is why the trials are underway.

Weapon testing

Carried by the Apache attack helicopter from Eglin Air Force Base (AFB) in Florida, it is supported by the 96th Test Wing. Once fired by the gunship that hit the boat at 20 miles away, this was beyond visual range and a target in the water, which indicates the application in the maritime environment soon.

A year ago, the US Army had indicated the Spike NLOS missile would be part of the AH-64 E Helicopter arsenal. Which adds to the dangerous Hellfire it carries onboard. According to sources, the test was a success and without a hitch. The missile has two ways to ways to reach its target.

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