US helicopter guns will be equipped with a version of Apache chain guns. These weapons are anti-armor and anti-personnel with a high rate of fire.

Attack helicopters have missiles and rockets, but their guns are for all-around use. Modern attack helicopters use these in any engagement it can be used. It can be called an up-close weapon.

Brand new chain gun

The US Army's next helicopter gunship might be using the Sky Viper chain gun developed by Northrop Grumman, that is a scaled-down version of the AH-64. These helicopters have been sold to India to improve their offensive capability.

A smaller version of the Apache weapon that has destroyed targets easily is so effective it will be armed on the next attack choppers. The U.S Army's next-generation scout helicopter might have it armed soon.

The 20mm Sky Viper chain gun was designed and built by Northrop Grumman. It might be equipped in the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) competition. 

Under evaluation is the Sky Viper, the XM915 Gatling gun, developed by General Dynamics Ordnance for the same purpose. Sky Viper is similar to the M230 chain gun on the nose of the AH-64. The success of the Apache's cannon prompted adaptation for the advanced chopper. It is used by the US Army for close air support of infantry.

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Apache variants

Of all the variants, the Apache Guardian or E-model used by India is the updated version. Over 17 countries have the Apache Guardian that has the latest equipment on board. Improved radios and satellite communications, navigation, sensors with lethal weapons systems.

India used these attack choppers in Ladakh to support ground troops. Its presence was threatening to the Chinese troop with no similar weapon system.

Made to bring the pain: AH-64

Armed with anti-tank guided missiles, air-to-air missiles, rocket, and the extra weapon, it can harrow from enemies but the nose gun "M230 chain gun" brings the hurt in full measure. It can fire 625 rounds a minute to wreck men and armored vehicles.

It is powered by an external source to control its mechanical systems. It does not use gases to move the mechanical parts; instead uses an external power to drive it. 

The Sky Viper is working similarly to the M230 chain gun with the same mechanics. The Sky Viper cannon is a smaller 20-mm to the 30-mm Apache monster weapon.

Next-generation choppers

The smaller cannon for the FARA and Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) are not for smashing tanks. The FARA and FLRAA will be the replacements of the UH-60 Black Hawks. Carrying equipment and supporting troops at longer ranges than the Black Hawk, they are the next generation to replace older choppers in the US Army.

The Apache Guardian will be accompanied by FARA and FLRAA, which are light air scouts. They are faster and lighter to keep up with fast-moving ground forces. It will scout forward and show where to aim Apache chain guns or missiles. They zip front and back to update combat gunships.

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