Many wonder what the new U.S. administration wants in its China policy that used to be anti-China with Trump. One Aussie senator is asking Biden's real stance on Uyghur Genocide if he condemned it.

In China, Uyghurs are getting oppressed by the CCP and are reported exploited by the communists. Beijing has been asked to admit what they have done but denied it.

Biden is not Trump

During a town hall on February 16, President Biden had said something about Uyghurs. He said what the CCP was doing to them saying that China has a different culture which came across as distinct, reported the Epoch Times.

Senator Eric Abetz from Australia sent a letter to the U.S. embassy in Canberra to ask what the real sentiments of the new U.S. president are. He was bothered by how Joe Biden regarded what genocide was happening to Uyghurs. Another is that Joe Biden's opinion differs from the Trump administration.

During the town hall hosted by CNN, the President talked about calling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping. He cited that, he spoke to Xi, who asked about the Uyghurs and his opinion about it. Trump's successor answered back that human rights are essential.

Biden becomes a China apologist

Observers saw the opposite of what Trump would have done, which is never to apologize to China. Many who heard president Biden alleged he was defending the actions of the communist regime. He cited that China has been a victim of other nations before, saying their actions as a unified nation now are justified. He was echoing other pro-China administrations like Obama's and previous.

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Biden said in his own words that knowing China's history, they were victims of other countries when they were not as unified now. This is different from the former President, who valued America first, not the opposite.

He added that Ji wants China to be united and tightly controlled for his intentions. Biden affirmed that totalitarian control of Xi is acceptable.

The President stated that he told the Communist leader that the United States leader should embody the values of America. Furthermore, the nation must be behind the President, not be regarded otherwise.

Biden stressed that he wouldn't butt heads with Xi's red lines in Hong Kong, enslaving Uygurs, trying to annex Taiwan by force, and upholding the CCP's one-China policy. He added that Xi got what was meant by the U.S. president. He said that everyone has different cultures, and leaders are expected to follow.

Biden struck the wrong chord

Many observers say that the new President is not committed in his policies that was not the cases before January 20. Many could not understand how he would take a weak position with such ambiguity. Genocide was no problem because communists were different, and it was acceptable what Uyghurs were going through. For the record, his stand did not get any popularity with others.

With no clear statement from the U.S. president, the Tasmanian senator sent a letter and asked how Biden's real stance on Uyghur Genocide is. The embassy in Canberra has not issued a statement.

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