The Supreme Court did not sustain stormy Daniels's Defamation lawsuit. The former actress filed the case against then-President Trump. 

In 2018, then President Trump was sued by the ex-steamy film star for defamation. However, her claims were denied as untrue after the biased media went after Trump. None of the charges were proven, and Daniels never got her damages.

Fast-forward to 2021

On February 22, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the now ex-president in the defamation case. Some Trump critics ask if the Supreme Court took such a decision on the case, reported the Epoch Times.

The actress's real name is Stephanie Clifford, who filed the case against Trump. She said that he made fun of a sketch of a man who attempted to threaten her in 2011. 

She added that the reason she was threatened was because of her claims about Trump. Trump allegedly reposted her tweet in 2018.

Sources say that Trump made a post of the drawing beside her husband, identified as Glendon Crain. She said that the sketch looks like her spouse later. He posted that sketch from years back about some imaginary man, adding it's a con job, and the fake news media will fall for it.

Based on the court filing, Stormy Daniels's Defamation lawsuit centered on the tweet that she claimed is the defamation source. However, the tweet was deleted as Twitter banned him for life from their platform. 

He was banned from Facebook as well; whatever proof there has now been purged from both platforms. She hoped that her lawsuit's rejection would have traction in the higher court, she ended up thrown from court.

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More details on the Daniels lawsuit

According to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge, what led to the inevitable dismissal as the main proof is the tweet. The judge said the tweet, as a basis, was not applicable if Daniels was guilty of any crime. 

At the same time, defamation is not applicable. At this point, any claims by the actress were moot and useless.

The 9th Circuit panel said the post by Trump is an opinion and that cannot be used for the basis of the defamation lawsuit. Before that, the court noted that the tweet is what Trump thought of the ex-husband of Ms. Clifford and the sketch she made.

One of the allegations of Daniels that was not accepted was that the con job meant she was accused of Fraud. Many aspects of her suit did not pan out well, so the court rejected it altogether.

Another opinion of the court is that the actress was never explicitly accused of committing any criminal act. The use of the word con job was never meant for any negative connotation, only just for hyperbole and Trump's expression.

Daniels now

She is now 41, whose former lawyer was Michael Avenatti, who claimed he would run for president in 2020. Stormy Daniels's Defamation lawsuit is effectively dead, and her case is lost.

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