Ron de Santis scorches Lockdowner Biden and his plan to shut entry into states like Florida that is doing better than Democratic-led states. He said that administration policy is flawed, and he is weaponizing COVID-19 to use it as a political weapon.

 Recently the Florida governor was incensed at what he calls coronavirus hypocrisy. Not finding it right that the Biden administration is allowing immigrants without a test to travel freely. He cited a rumored travel ban on Floridians outside of the state.

 Alleged Reports of travel restrictions by Biden Administration

According to the Miami Herald, a week ago reported an alleged plan of the Democrat administration to put into place statewide lockdowns and travel restrictions. One of the reasons for the reported measures is because new variants were found. Florida allegedly has the most cases.

 On Fox News, De Santis went to town on "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo." He tore into the double standard the new Oval Office occupant has. He said that it stank to high heaven; his policies are not sound; the Blaze reported this.

He framed the plan to stop domestic travel as having no coherence and very lax in his immigration policies. Adding another layer that is anti-America, not America first as the past administration.

 The Lockdowner Biden would prioritize illegal alien that enter freely, while Americans are restricted in own country. Illegal aliens are allowed to go anywhere unmolested; the unlawful policies go against individual rights. De Santis called it the ultimate hypocrisy.

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 Worse is the administration is selective in its COVID-19 policies and smells of politics. Criticizing that none of the aliens are checked for the virus. Adding Biden opened the borders more with an illegal alien, who might be criminals or sick with the virus. Migrants are invading communities posing health dangers, but the administration cares for politics better, not people.

 Biden has proven inconsistent against moving forward with COVID-19 by finding other things besides lockdowns. De Santis said that test should be taken before getting on a plane. Either that or states will be locked down; no one goes in or out.

 Flawed immigration policy and untested illegals entering the U.S.

Last month the New York Times reported that the southern border of the United States via Texas has allowed streaming the number of migrants entering. Many are allowed entry with no checks are not quarantined if they have no signs of infection.

 This should not because just because they are migrants as they can infect more Americans. An estimated 1,000 immigrants went into the Texas border. Another detained 1000 illegals were allowed into the US in the past days. More are wanting entry into the borders with no testing that might make the pandemic worse.

 A Texas Sheriff verified the questionable entry of illegal with proper coronavirus protocols. Biden reversed the decision of Trump to shut the border.

 A political attack on Florida by Democrat led administration

 De Santis called the planned travel limitations foolish, also an orchestrated political assault on Florida and its people. He added that his state is a target for the Democrat-led administration and refused it based on his state's better performance.

 He added that Lockdowner Biden plans don't work and will oppose him. Meanwhile, Democrat states are worse and getting more severe.

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