Trump's acquittal creates aftershocks for both parties; the DEMS will invariably face backlash as the trial goes sideways is bad for them. These developments come as the new administration is perceived as incapable and not in the Trump administration league.

On February 13, Donald Trump was proven innocent by his lead lawyers in the second impeachment. The Democrats failed to convict him and open up options for him; the DEMS and Biden administration face an unknown future.

What is next for U.S. politics

The U.S. is at its crossroads as ex-president Trump once again handed a defeat to the DEMS. More importantly, what happens to the GOP, and how the Biden administration frame it? Trump has become a shadow casting over Biden, reported MSN.

There exists a sharp contrast like how Trump treated U.S.'s interests better and had consistently improved international relations with allies adopting what he began. Many allies like French President Emmanuel Macron is getting fed up with the Biden administration as well.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's acquittal in the impeachment trial sponsored by the DEMs, desperate to stop him, was more or less expected. But even then, there was always a chance of the Democrats pulling a fast one on the defense.

Trump denounced Pelosi and the House Democrats, who based the articles of impeachment over a false charge. He added the DEMS have embarked on the biggest "witch hunt." Not dwelling on his Democrat critics, Trump's acquittal created aftershocks to what comes next for the Make America Great Again.

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Unlike the dark America that is happening now in the new administration, the 45th president has plans. He said hard work will be done and this will be the vision for a pleasant future that will create unlimited possibilities for America.

Businessman Donald Trump is not done with the White House; in 2024, he teases another run that terrifies the DEMS. But, he was acquitted during the impeachment, and Democrat's loss only made him more compelling.

He left the White House on January 20 and has been staying at his posh Mar-a-Lago resort. Twitter decided to ban him as it sides with DEMS and Big Tech, cutting him off strategically from his numerous supports. Twitter lost a lot by trying to be woke, so did Facebook in cutting off the president.

The Republican party

According to Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene,  most of the GOP back him up.  Only seven of the Republicans turned on Trump including Liz Cheney, daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney. Mitch McConnel voted against impeachment despite blaming Trump for the Capitol incident.

Trump's acquittal created aftershocks for all of American politics as the most influential politians. His next moves reveal how GOP and DEMS align to his influence. 

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