Schumer made remarks about Texas over energy crisis that has taken lives. The severe cold snap struck and disabled the power grid that utilized green energy.

Instead of offering solutions for the beleaguered state that is openly Republican, this comes off as negative. Climate change is a fact, and the state used alternative sources that proved unwise.

Texas crisis

As the Lone Star State suffered the effects of the worst cold snap in a long time. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader from New York, offers remarks that Texas did not fully consider climate change. The Texas energy crisis is only one of the grabbing headlines, reported The Blaze.

Texas hit by a deep freeze

Millions of Texas homes were in a literal deep freeze that caused misery and deaths last week. The cold storm came unexpected, and the state came to a standstill. It is those rare weather occurrences that overwhelmed unprepared the state, leaving many cold and in the dark.

One of the alleged causes is the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) that has been the main supplier of electricity for millions of Texans. They are reported to have shortcomings that led to weaknesses in the state power grid.

According to the Texas Tribune, Texas was close to running on zero and having a total power outage with existing problems. Citing that the prior signs showing that ERCOT was close to a big shutdown and left many with no power for months.

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The New York Post said that the Lone Star State is the only one in the U.S. to have its facilities that included a stand-alone electric grid. But it did not do any weatherizing and was not under federal oversight, said the source. Otherwise, the ERCOT functioned autonomously from the federal government.

Left without power and not heat, many Texans died from the extreme cold, but the exact number was not determined yet. Outlets have reported deaths, but it will take time for that.

Schumer' statement

The Democrat from New York said that Texas now knows its mistake over its decisions relating to energy. He then shifted his criticism to the officials whom he accuses as responsible. Calling them ignorant of climate change and how to deal with it.

 He severely called the efforts to undermine the state's attempts to build an energy grid they thought was good enough. Saying they discounted climate change as a factor when he spoke about it.

He was saying that Texas was not resilient enough and is now paying for their error dearly. They should learn from this costly lesson, he added.

Bashing the Texan officials in his statement for ignoring what climate change can do, this is a critical factor in their power grid design. Schumer leaned on the state hard and stressed climate change is real and what happened in Texas should be avoided. He added that he made similar bills to improve such intrastate. Hitting Texas over the energy crisis is not very constructive.

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