Bill Gates wrote a new book, "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster," he expresses how to save the world. He writes his thought and ideas on how to avoid climate change but keep everything as it is.

His new book makes it simple to understand with no fancy data calculations to worry about. It's two numbers that outline climatic dilemma; these are 51 billion tons and zero. The objective is to get to zero eventually; if not, 51 billion tons of greenhouse gas a year will worsen.

How to avoid a catastrophic future

One of the culprits of climate change is greenhouse gas, carbon gas, Chlorofluorocarbons that add to 51 billion tons. Each year if there is no way to lessen it, it should worsen, so reaching zero is the only option to stop it, reported Wired.

A guide of sorts to reach the zero goal is "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster," it might prove insightful to achieving this goal. Overall, climate change is not the most straightforward puzzle because world energy is based on fossil fuels. Gas, oil, and coal are all the drivers of industries. Another is it energy sources that give electricity and light.

Gates argues that changing lifestyles won't happen in wealthier nations. As things get better in more affluent countries, there will be improvement by the world's poor people to get better lives. According to Bill Gates, he has a solution for that to save the world.

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Green Premium

He called it "Green Premium," which is a concept that he came up with. Part of the hypothesis is that carbon is the cheapest energy source, with adverse effects not factored in the price. Most governments support oil, fossil fuels because it has been used for a long time.

Compared to the clean alternative, it costs more, so it is not attractive for everyone. Not all countries will go for alternative sources based on the cost and won't do for steel production, concrete, or fertilizer. There is no way to produce those products with alternative energy.

It all goes down to afford the expense to set up clean energy; no country will gamble on it if it's too expensive.

Green premium is the extra money sunk in to spend for using wind power, solar, or something else that comes along. If the nation can spend money on green energy, then the green premium is zero. Only if the green premium is zero only then will any country consider no fossil fuels.

Gates spoke with Wired on December 2020, where he made a list of technological breakthroughs, infrastructure, and a complete road map to achieve zero carbon by 2050

Zero is the goal

He defended the concept of totally zero-carbon gas anywhere on the planet. He added that lessening carbon out in the atmosphere is just extending the pain of climate change because it will be the payment of weather problems and more. In short, it is inescapable the awful after-effects coming will haunt humanity.

Bill Gates' way to save the world is to get the 51 billion tons to 0 emissions totally. If not, there will be no looking back from 2050 if zero emissions are not achieved.

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