Lila Rose says that Joe Biden has policies that are not as they seem, especially to women. Most policies favor what is not beneficial towards women's choice that is part of their right. One of the criticisms of the Biden administration is how they regard women's decisions about their bodies.

Women have control of their bodies

Rose, founder and leader of Live Action, is pushing for a woman's choice of what she wants with her health. This is affected by the Biden administration's moves seeking to remove that choice from women, reported Epoch Times.

She said that the current administration has alternative ideas on how women would conduct their reproductive health, In an interview with an outlet last February 17, she said that women should take notice and be aware.

Rose mentions that Live Action is worried that the current administration will not listen to different opinions, adding that any moderation on how women should conduct their health will be ignored. She mentioned as the VP of Obama; he's become extreme.

The Hyde Amendment

According to Lila Rose, Biden has disavowed the Hyde Amendment with the law coming to effect in 1980. The bill's purpose is to restrict federal funds used for medical procedures like unwanted results from physical assaults on women. These cover criminal acts against women that are against unwanted intimacies.

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This new administration recalled the Mexico City policy that refuses funds to groups that educate women on how to decide on what to do if they are expecting. It is, according to Rose, a violation of a woman's right to decide for herself.

A post on Twitter had this response to Joe Biden:

She slammed Biden's claim on his religious affiliation, and that is a contrast to reality. The reality is that the choice is gone for women if they were to follow what the administration wants. That is, they cannot undergo medical procedures critical to their intention to keep it or not.

Rose said the president uses religion as a pretext to screen radical policies pertaining to women's health, saying he is not concerned or realistic about women's choices on their bodies. It should be exposed for all to see and what a lie it is.

She slammed the media for not being fair to all and giving it an unfair slant. She added that questions of faith are not equal to the biased press.

One example Rose said is how the media went after SCOTUS Amy Coney Barret because of her faith. Generally, the press was not fair. All sides of a women's choice must be respected, she stressed, but the administration denies that.

His VP opposed pro-women activists

Kamala Harris was the attorney general in California when she went after pro-women undercover journalist David Daleiden. His apartment was raided with the assistance of Harris. Even appointed former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in his administration who charged pro-woman activists in California.


Lila Rose is a conservative and asks others to speak out and uphold a women's choice over how they decide on their bodies. It's only a start, she said, but change is needed.

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