Trump sees Twitter as very boring, and it sums up what the biased platform has become to him. When asked if he would go back, he won't even consider it. 

The ex-President, when asked about Twitter, what he felt about the platform. He gave his answer, and it wasn't unexpected at all.

Twitter is against free speech

When asked if he will ever use Jack Dorsey's platform, he said he is not interested. Twitter, by shutting him down, permanently took away free speech. His permanent banning drew flak from world leaders denouncing canceling Trump, reported the Epoch Times.

In a Newsmax interview with Greg Kelly last Wednesday, Trump said that it was never the same ever since you see what is happening after Twitter banned him. When he was active on the platform, it was not the least boring. Better yet, the social media platform is, and many are abandoning it.

January 6, 2021 repercussions

On social media, then president Trump was active with his followers; he fully utilized it. But he was taken out of the platform arbitrarily and judged with a fair process. Twitter has been critical of the ex-president and called for electoral fraud, set the stage for the banning.

Trump and his campaign were asking that election results be verified and reviewed. Instead, the president of the U.S. was ignored and judged unfairly. In the end, Trump was banned according to the rules of Twitter; he denied what was claimed.

According to Twitter, their censorship is right, and banning him because he violated the "Glorification of Violence Policy." He posted that his supporters to remain peaceful and leave the Capitol area. Next, the media platform took down conservatives in one sweep. The only ones were liberals and leftists.

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Many contested what Twitter did, especially canceling the U.S. President, and their goal was to limit Trumps' reach. One of Twitter's officials said this month; Trump will have a life ban.

Stressing that if banned from the platform, then there is no return. A Ban applied to commentators, CFO, and current public officials as well.

Trump was exasperated when he said that the platform kept on flagging his posts on his account. Contesting they were legitimate election fraud claims, and Twitter should not have censored it. Everything he said was flagged on the social media app; he called it disgraceful.

 Plans on making his social media channel?

Avoiding the same problem, the president was negotiating for his own social media platform currently under talks. Senior Adviser to the former president mentions a decision to join one or make his own. Nothing is final yet, and Miller says nothing definite.

In another article about Trump, Miller spoke to U.K.'s Sunday Times and said that Trump feels better without social media. In a separate interview, Miller told U.K.'s Sunday Times that Trump feels happier now that he isn't using Twitter or other social media. Not getting exposed to the tweets and counter Trump media has been good for him. His wife Melania (former FLOTUS) said that her husband is happy and enjoys his family time.

Social media companies are not impartial and should be liable for what they do. Twitter being very boring sums it up when frees speech is controlled.

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