After the personal Twitter account of CEO Mike Lindell was suspended, he used My Pillow's Company Account, which got suspended too. He was censored on Twitter for claiming election fraud; he is only one of the many Trump supporters kicked out.

Twitter and other social media platforms have been kicking out conservatives off. One of their reason is that their policies were violated, but many observed this is an alleged case to case basis.

Conservatives shut out on big tech platforms

 Initially, my Pillow's issue was with its CEO, whose account got permanently suspended by Twitter for election disinformation. But, he used the Twitter company account to post to go around the banning. For his infraction, his company's account was tagged for suspension, too, reported NTD.

Later the social media platform decided to give the My Pillow a permanent suspension for ban evasion, as they call it. Mike Lindell is a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, who was banned earlier. One of the bases for getting booted out is election claims.

Lindell's posts

 One of the reasons Twitter decided to go after the CEO is his posts on its Twitter account. Until now, it was mostly for promotions that My Pillow offered its customers. A post by the CEO stated that Jack Dorsey must be put in jail for being part of election fraud.

 On the post, he thanked all who supported his company during the snafu. He then says that Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) is canceling him, said the businessman. He added that the company is busy and hiring to meet the demand for My Pillow products. Then, the post that sealed his fate said the Twitter CEO would be exposed and jailed, and that doomed My Pillow's company account.

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This did not sit well, and the permanent kick out followed after Lindell's online rant. Furthermore, he pointed out the post which got Dorsey's ire, which led him to boot out the company account.

One of the posts claimed that Dorsey is linked to election fraud and said he would pay for what he's done.

After the Twitter ban, the CEO had an interview with USA Today. He said that big tech Twitter is intent on destroying and his business for good. Twitter and Facebook are among the most effective means to succeed; companies like My Pillow will not find it easy without them.

He expressed dismay about why Twitter is ravaging his company. Saying they are intent on him because he told conservative views. And these platforms are immune to any action when it comes to Article 230.

Lindell's company losing major retailers

He told outlets that his company is being dropped by retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl's, as backlash from Dorsey's rebuked. Later, retailers said that My Pillow is not selling well, not because he supported Trump.

The CEO said that they were afraid to be on Dorsey's list and want to keep their businesses intact, he told an outlet. A lawsuit will be following his pronouncements and after My Pillow's Company Account went down. This might not be the only trouble coming for him.

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