It is unusual for vice presidents to stand in for affairs of state unless the president is ill. But, the president has apparently passed his duties to VP Harris.

A Break In White House Protocol

Barely a few months old, the Biden administration has set many precedents not done by any other administration. Recently, the vice-president was the one doing the calling of heads of state, not Joe Biden, reported the Epoch Times.

One of the criticisms mentioned is that it is too early for anyone else to call world leaders. Like Trump, who never passed his duties, it is the proper way to conduct a new administration's initial months.

French President Emmanuel Macron was on the other end of the line, said White House sources. During the call, Harris said that her commitment is to keep the United States and France's ties and energize the transatlantic alliance.

Other points covered were the collaboration to deal with COVID-19, climate change, and support democracy at home and worldwide.

Other matters discussed were regional challenges of the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa. Harris stressed that France and the U.S. should remain partners in facing world issues. Throughout the discussions, the president was omitted by the vice-president, a move not seen as positive.

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Call with Prime Minister Trudeau

In early February, she called the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; her first VIP call made as Vice-President. They covered several discussion points while on the call; Trudeau congratulated her as the first female VP, and like the discussion with Macron, they covered COVID-19 and others.

According to Harris, they talked about the administration's usual interests, which is standard for international affairs conversations. One, in particular, is the economic interests of the two countries. One of the first calls made by Biden is one to Trudeau on January 22 after the inauguration.

Vice-president calling is not protocol

Rare is it that VP's would call heads of state a break from protocol and is not done. For example, Mike Pence would never do calls with either Macron or Trudeau. He did, however, make several state visits in person during the Trump administration.

Generally, observation of what the VP did is questionable. When asked for comment, the White House gave none.

Conservatives did not miss the chance to give the Biden administration a scouring for its actions. The National Pulse aimed at Harris, the outlet, is Raheem Kassam's brainchild, a former adviser to Britain's Nigel Farage.

Why should the president not make all the calls just a week after the inauguration? The National Pulse noticed and called it unusual as to why Kamala Harris would be tasked with it. Will she directly affect the administration's foreign policy?

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