The U.S. did another dual aircraft carrier drill in the South China Sea, which made China mad. Beijing said that the new administration should not flex its muscles.

Another surprise move by the current administration, like its predecessor, is making the communists in Beijing riled up again. In the South China Sea, where the PLA likes to push its weight, it has been sent to the sidelines with a raw displace of U.S. supremacy.

Beijing's bark, louder than its bite

As soon as the new administration began, the Chinese decided to throw its weight around. They said to keep out of their way, especially in the South China Sea. The bold pronouncement got an answer; two carrier strike groups did tandem drills. True to form, China issued threats but just that, reported Newsweek.

This next salvo by Joe Biden and his advisers show that they will stick to what the former administration did. To keep the pressure in the South China Sea and push back against China's malign ways. For some, this naval move keeps faith with U.S. allies, like Australia and the rest of the Quad.

Tandem carrier strike groups in the South China Sea

With their massive air wings and escort ships, America's two supercarriers are the most potent weapons systems that surpass China's Shandong and Liaoning. Both the USS Nimitz, USS Theodore Roosevelt joined up in the SCS for dual-carrier drills.

So far, the United States is the only nation that can mount a dual aircraft carrier drill, something the CCP views as their most significant stumbling block to dominate the Indo-Pacific. An American Carrier Strike Group is one of the most formidable military forces in existence.

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Rare occasions where America chooses to flex its muscle, like for Chinese is one-upping them. It is not met well by Beijing.

China likes to use its carriers and support ships to intimidate but does not take it well when done to them. One example is the USS McCain entering the SCS.

Another comeback of tandem operations by supercarriers

Last year, in July 2020, two aircraft carriers met up in the South China Sea, but earlier in June of the same year, two carrier groups did tandem drills as well. The place of the dual exercise was the Philippine sea.

Commanders of the strike group voiced why the drill is very relevant to the U.S. navy.

According to Navy Rear Admiral Doug Verissimo, USS Theodore Roosevelt's Carrier Strike Group Nine commander stated these words. The training is to keep peace and show allies, the U.S. commitment to support a "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" is essential.

The USS Nimitz, Navy Rear Admiral Jim Kirk added the drills add to stability and security in the Indo-Pacific. With an emphasis that all unlawful claims are abandoned, and everyone abides by international law.

For the CCP, who sees the activities of the U.S. as a challenge, especially from Biden, the Americans' meddling causes the tension. Still, some reports debunk that claim China is not belligerent.

China talks big but has never been severe about confrontation.

Wang Wenbin of the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused U.S. action as counter peace, even saying the PLA can respond to threats.

Each passage of every ship, even another dual aircraft carrier drill, is based on international law. China's actions with Taiwan and other smaller nations are documented.

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