After a stunning performance by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV on Sunday, the now winningest NFL player and Bucs' quarterback Tom Brady apologized via text message to Chiefs' safety Tyrann Mathieu for their on-field verbal fights based on a source with knowledge of the Brady apology.

Mathieu shared that he never saw that side of Brady during the post-game interview, but the source confirmed that the Brady apology went straight to Mathieu's inbox right after the game, USA Today reported via ChiefsWire.

Some experts stated that it is just normal, especially during the Super Bowl, where you can feel the heat of the moment almost every second on the clock.

The altercation started in the second quarter when the Bucs scored a touchdown with six seconds left, resulting in unsportsmanlike conduct for Mathieu.

Other experts cannot believe that the 43-year-old Bucs quarterback resorted to mind games against the Chiefs' young safety.

According to ESPN, with the win, Brady cemented his career as he now has more Super Bowl titles compared to any franchise in the history of the NFL, surpassing the Patriots and Steelers, who had six apiece.

Moreover, the Super Bowl MVP award is also the fifth for Brady, who solely holds the record of being the only player with five, followed by Joe Montana, who has three.

During the post-game interview, Brady also mentioned that the Buccaneers are world champions forever, and no one can take that away from them.

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When asked regarding the possibility of coming back next season, Brady immediately replied that they would definitely be coming back.

Last July, Brady joked with the Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill that he would go for his seventh ring after Hill promised a Chiefs' dynasty with seven of their own, and on Sunday, he proved it, CBS Sports reported.

After the Brady apology, Mathieu also refused to spill more information regarding the altercation.

The Proof

When Brady decided to go to Tampa to prove that he was more than a piece of the dynasty that Bill Belichick built, doubts were cast, and even in the middle of the season, experts were saying that there was little light for the Bucs' to pass the tunnel where the Vince Lombardi trophy's at.

But Brady proved that by wearing any uniform at any stadium, he is the transcendent player who does not need a specific organization to build a dynasty.

Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans shared that it immediately made them a contender when they got Tom Brady.

He also added that whatever team you put him on, they will be an instant contender and a tough team to beat.

The tenacious defense displayed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffocated Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes on the offensive end. It gave Brady enough space to orchestrate plays for his longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski, who made the first two touchdowns of the Super Bowl LV.

The Buccaneers became the first NFL team to win the Vince Lombardi trophy in their stadium.

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