Trump meets with Rep. McCarthy with a significant discussion on plans. He is one of the GOP who voices support for the president even after office.

Former President Trump is busy these days with an eye on forthcoming national affairs in his agenda.

 Last Thursday, Trump met with one of his colleagues in the GOP, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in Florida. Trump aides told the press about the meeting, with a picture of the ex-president and California Republican reported the Epoch Times.

Sources say the discussion was excellent and cordial at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach of Trump, said Trump's Save America PAC (political action committee).

Points discussed in the meeting

Both GOP members had essential points vital for the survival of the Republican party in a DEMS dominated administration. One critical issue is getting more seats in the House for the GOP during the 2022 midterms. No further details were available as aides say the strategy or relevant information will be on wraps.

More than ever, the ex-president enjoys more support and popularity than the incumbent and is ramping up as he gets more spotlight. Getting an endorsement from Trump is critical for many GOP aspirants in the coming midterms. Trump and McCarthy will be working on getting the GOP more juice come election time. A win is crucial for both parties.

The two were crucial in the last 2020 elections that got 15 seats and foiled a predicted blue wave. The DEMS got the rugged pulled under them. Republicans enjoyed more support and expanded their base in many states. Notably, minorities and African Americans voted for an energized GOP. Trump meets with Rep. McCarthy to prelude to what comes next.

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Reaffirming the Conservative movement against a Leftist agenda

One of the concerns is a "united conservative movement" that will arrest the DEMS alleged radicalism and far left moves to sustain power.

Highlighting the fact that both leaders were never at loggerheads for four years, the second impeachment meant to allegedly slay Trump's probable run in 2024 but never got McCarthy's approval. His fellow GOPs like Liz Cheney, and ten of his cohorts, did vote to impeach the ex-president even if the move was not considered constitutional.

Some Republicans are willing to convict Trump.

A few of the GOP members said they would vote for Trump's conviction no matter what. Last Tuesday, a block of 45 GOPs said no to the DEMOCRAT led impeachment campaign by Schumer. It is supposed to be in early February, which leads to speculations that Citizen Trump's conviction is indefinite.

Should any Republican impeach or vote to convict the ex-president will be faced with a situation that can explode in their face. Polls show Trump is the most known GOP in with voters and getting stronger.

On Thursday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), an avowed ally of Trump, is supposed to campaign in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to remove Cheney in her role. GOP members in the lower House will vote if Cheney stays on top in the House GOP.

Many supporters include Sen. Anthony Bouchard, a gun-rights activist, and his immediate family, feel wrong about the impeachment. When Trump meets with Rep. McCarthy, plans will be set, and 2022 will be necessary to the road back.

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