Bernie Sanders warns the DEMS that if they don't do something proactive, it will not be good for the 2022 midterm elections. They will lose a lot if they don't govern well. Losing will be like a slaughter caused by the GOP.

The recent dismal performance by the DEMS in the haul of minority voters and the majority of black voters favoring the GOP is only the beginning. President Trump has transformed America; even the Republicans have benefitted by getting seats from DEM stalwarts.

According to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, something is amiss. In a statement, he said if the ruling party does not uplift America's citizens, there will be severe repercussions, the Blaze.

With their control over the White House, and including control in the Senate, they are the one party that determines the course in the next four years. Whatever happens in the next four years will be due to their policies.

 Sander's and the doom of the midterms

 He did not mince his words when he said the DEMS would be facing another demolition in the 2022 midterms if they make mistakes to bring down the economy-keeping everything healthy for Americans to enjoy a better life, not something substandard.

In an interview with McClatchy reporter Francesca Chambers, he said that everything facing Americans should not be a moment to go small. It must be thinking big, and very big in these circumstances. Bernie Sanders warned that the situation is called for more proactive action, more than ever, to prevent a DEMS debacle in the 2022 Midterm Elections.

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The Vermont lawmaker added that the president and the DEMS in control of the US government in 2020 would be scrutinized primarily how well they serve the American people during these times. He added that action and solutions are needed, not verbal excuses or blame.

Sources say the Trump administration had and landmarks crucial to his popularity and acceptance by more Americans.

 Sander's explained that if the DEMS fail to give the proper governance and better quality of life, they are destined for failures. The year 2022 will be only two years to see another letdown as perceived by America, and the midterms will reflect that.

Administrations of Bill Clinton in 1994 and Barack Obama in 2010 were abjectly wanting for many Americans. DEMS had the House, the Senate, and the presidency in these times, yet they failed. Unless this administration does better, there will be no future.

 DEMS politics need to change

 The tandem of politics and media is roiling on unnecessary drama, personality and conflict, said Sanders. The lawmaker does not share this definition of politics. Instead, he said it is as simple as making policies that benefit working families.

 Making it more complicated will not benefit the DEMS in giving what Americans want. Staying away from current issues and governing to benefit everyone, calling himself a "democratic-socialist," which is similar to European-style socialism, something different from most Americans.

Bernie Sanders added that he would make laws in the Senate to enact his plan, as long as the DEMS hold sway in the Senate. Though the 2022 Midterm Elections is two years away, he will use his position to act positively. The DEMS have been inconsistent for several administrations and lost.

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