After a year of major changes and shift to new normal due to the ongoing pandemic, a new ITV documentary emerged, revealing that medics in Wuhan, China, were told to remain silent regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

New Documentary Emerges

The documentary entitled, Outbreak: The Virus That Shook The World, which has just been aired, focuses on the early stages of the virus and how it spread from the Hubei province capital.

The said documentary also features undercover footage of medical professionals who witnessed some of the first cases of the virus, as the source of the video footages was a citizen journalist who filmed secretly the initial situation.

Medics Instructed to Deny Coronavirus Ourbreak

Based on the footage, they say they were in no doubt regarding how dangerous the virus, but they were forced to stay quiet despite their growing concerns.

A medic can be seen in the documentary, whose face has been blurred can be heard saying that they all felt that there should not be any doubt regarding the human to human transmission.

Based on the clip, they also claimed that they had been aware of the deaths as early as the end of December in 2019.

Based on a clip in the documentary, another medic also mentioned that at the end of December or beginning of January 2020, there is an individual that is close to the medic, who died because of the virus.

The medic also added that the majority of those who are living with him were also infected, which also a familiar person to the medic.

The experts also detail a cover-up by the Chinese government authorities from the beginning of the outbreak, who spoke only after Wuhan was released from lockdown.

According to ITV News, an individual also shared that they knew that this virus can be transmitted from human to human, however, when they attended a hospital meeting, they were told not to speak out about the information they knew.

They also added that the provincial leaders directed the hospitals not to tell the truth about the situation.

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They can also be seen arguing that authorities knew that celebrations during the new year in January will trigger the acceleration of virus' speed in infecting more individuals.

Also mentioned, that people suggested at the city level that it should not go ahead, but it did because such an event would present a harmonious and prosperous society, The Sun reported.

The documentary does not only include raw footages but also an interview with Dr. Yin-Ching Chuang from the Infectious Disease Prevention and Treatment Network in Taiwan, who fought to get himself to Wuhan along with his team to work out whether there was the human-to-human transmission, which is denied by the authorities.

Chuang, the expert also shared that while they were at the meeting, they were asked a lot of questions, very unwillingly, where it finally came out and shared that limited human-to-human transmission cannot be ruled out,LADbible reported.

Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Yi-Chun Lo, the Deputy Director-General of Centres for Disease Control in Taiwan, said: "The very early outbreak management was just a mess, a failure.

 Also, Infectious diseases specialist, Dr. Yi-Chun Lo, the Deputy Director-General of Centers of Disease Control located in Taiwan and shared that the outbreak management on the early portion of the pandemic was just a mess and a failure.

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