A 'miracle baby' from New York courageously survived COVID-19 and a liver transplant.

The 'miracle New York baby' contracted COVID-19 while waiting for a donor

New York's 'Miracle Baby' Bravely Survives COVID-19 and Liver Transplant
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New York's 'Miracle Baby' Bravely Survives COVID-19 and Liver Transplant

In two months, Kasen Donerlson has been battling with the coronavirus while waiting for an organ transplant. The Syracuse, New York infant, turned 1-year-old on Thursday. He contracted COVID-19 while waiting for an available organ transplanted to him, Kasen's mother Mitayah Donerlson told Syracuse.com.

Mitayah said to the local news outlet that Kasen's experience was "a complete miracle."

In January 2020, the NY' miracle baby' was born but was extremely jaundiced and was not gaining weight for months. The baby was diagnosed with biliary atresia in March 2020 as his liver's bile ducts did not develop properly, as per NY Post.

Kasen underwent a medical procedure in hopes to fix his condition, but it did not work. Mitayah was advised that Kasen would need to have a liver transplant to survive. In July, he was placed on the waiting list as his condition continued to worsen.

Mitayah admitted they needed to push up the stakes when Kasen's liver started to decline. The 'miracle baby's' mother chose a hospital in Pittsburgh would be the best option for her son's procedure.

According to WSTM, as Mitayah went back and forth to Pittsburgh for the donor update, she had no choice but to go back to Syracuse hospital when Kasen suddenly had a fever.

However, in November 2020, Kasen had a fever. His whole body was on fire from head to toe, as per Donerlson. The miracle baby's mom rushed him to the hospital, where they had another medical nightmare as Kasen tested positive for COVID-19.

"Being completely honest, I immediately thought of death. He was already fighting for his life, and then he got coronavirus. My heart just dropped," Mitayah said.

Due to being diagnosed with COVID-19, Kasen had delayed eligibility to get a liver transplant for one month. The NY baby's mother was worried that Kasen would miss his window for a new life if one became available but passed due to having COVID-19.

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The infant miraculously recovered from COVID-19

Fortunately, after four days in the hospital, Kasen's fever declined and did not show coronavirus-related symptoms. Mitayah received a call on January 2 that a donor would be a good match for the baby.

With her 5-year-old son, Mitayah drove her family to UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the infant underwent a nine-hour surgery the next day.

Kasen got the liver transplant, and all her mom could say is that "he is in good spirits." Mitayah noted that her son's eyes were white and no longer yellow as he had been.

"There's no sign of rejection. Now we just take it one day at a time," said Donerlson. Although the Ny' miracle baby' remains in the hospital for monitoring, he is now energetic and playful. To be close to her son, Donerlson decided to rent an apartment near the hospital.

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