Eight months past the state Capitol breached by the anti-lockdown protesters and armed militias, now officials imposed Michigan Gun ban, prohibiting all open carry weapons from the statehouse.

On Monday, the Michigan Capitol Commission voted unanimously in banning the said firearms from the Lansing building concealed weapons with permits will be exempted and still be allowed.

Not only Governor Gretchen Whitmer, but also other state leaders have been calling for the change to the rules of the statehouse since the incident on April 30 when armed protesters stormed the state Capitol, clashing with officers and intimidated elected officials who were meeting on the coronavirus emergency rules of the state.

The siege happened in the state took place days after President Donald Trump tweeted 'Liberate Michigan.'

The Governor, who was the subject of the failed kidnapping plot by armed men who allegedly helped in planning the said demonstrations, shared that it was important to tighten security in the state Capitol after the raid last week of the United States Capitol by supporters of President Trump, which resulted in the deaths of four individuals and an officer, the NPR reported.

In her statement, she mentioned that this cannot stand and they must take immediate action just like the 'Michigan gun ban' in order to protect everyone who steps foot in their Capitol.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation sent out an internal bulletn on Monday, which warns that the armed protests are being planned across the 50 state capitols staring from January 1 through at least January 20.

According to ABC News, the law enforcement sources shared to them that officials from the Federal law enforcement have advised the police agencies that they need to increase their security posture at statehouses all over the country following the riot and protests at the U.S. Capitol.

The FBI arrested seven men in October after plotting to kidnap Whitmer and other state officials and take them hostage at the Michigan Capitol.

Based on authorities, the suspects were linked to the militia group called the 'Wolverine Watchmen,' who were also present at a number of protests which includes the incident on April 30, The Guardian reported.

The Michigan Governor also called on the commission for considering additional safeguards that would prevent from weapons entering the statehouse.

She also mentioned in a statement that on a normal day, hundreds of individuals are walking through the Capitol, which includes teachers, groups of students, and parents on school field trips, who wants to learn about the state government in their respective field trips.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer also emphasized that is the reason why they need to take action especially the imposing of the Michigan gun ban, which bans all weapons at the Capitol except for those concealed weapons with permits, in order to keep the Michiganders safe and the Capitol itself.

Moreover, aside from the states across the country, the Capitol also is preparing not only for a safe and peaceful Inauguration but also for a peaceful protests.

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