Investigators searched the wreckage of the Sriwijaya Air that crashed into the Java Sea. They found the black box of flight 182 that records the final moments before the plane shattered in the ocean.

 No one knows why the plane nosedived into the Java, a search and rescue operation conducted.

 In Indonesia, Jakarta, members of the Indonesia navy diver conducted searches along the ocean floor. They were able to find the flight data recorder of the downed passenger airliner that took 62 lives on board, reported NTD.

 The flight recorder's discovery will shed light and determine what caused the dreadful ocean crash of the 737-500 plane. Sources say the weather condition was heavy rain when it took off from Jakarta last Saturday.

 Scenes showed by TV stations, divers on an inflatable vessel with a large white container with the black box. Authorities brought the recorder into a Jakarta port.

According to Military chief Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanton it was only one of two boxes. He added that the second black box has a recording of the pilot and his companions. Its beacon is still functional and transmitting its location in the same area as the Flight 182 wreck.

The device discovered buried under the seabed mud under the shattered airplane's twisted metal, says navy Chief Adm. Yudo Margono adding that as many as 160 navy divers searched in the Java Sea for the two black boxes.

 It was an extensive effort with 3,600 rescue specialists, 13 helicopters, 54 large ships, and 20 small boats that conducted a search and rescue operation (SAR) north of Jakarta to look for the black box of Flight 182.

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 Flight 182 went down headlong and broke up, with the plane's debris and body parts that could have belonged to any crew or passengers at 75 feet deep.

 The passengers' search had the SAR personnel handing over 74 body bags of unidentified body parts found for police identification experts. One breakthrough is identifying a 29-year-old male flight attendant, Okky Bisma, who perished in the crash.

 Alpha Refa, the wife of the deceased, is a flight attendant on the airliner. She posted her thoughts on the unlikely conditions of her husbands' death on social media.

 To help identify those who perished the indistinct remains, family members gave samples to match what the police have. DNA sampling will take 4-8 days as the remains were in several states when found.

 National Police spokesman Rusdi Hartono asked for more DNA samples. So far, only 53 are given to them. More is needed from the parents and children of the deceased passengers.

The Indonesia National Transportation Safety Committee said the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board would look into what caused the crash.

 According to the NTSC chairman, Soerjanto Tjahjono, the plane got shattered when it dove into the sea. More investigation is needed to determine how everything happened, and it did not occur midair.

Sriwijaya Air had a few minor safety incidents way back; one was a problem with landing gear hydraulic systems. On

 In 2018, a similar type Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet was owned by Lion Air with an automated flight-control system, but Flight 182 did not have it installed. The black box of Flight 182 holds the answers.

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