On March 8, 2014, the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was never seen again nor reached its intended destination. Nothing was ever found of the ill-fated airliner that took the lives of 239 passengers and its cabin crew. It is like the land and seas swallowed the plane and nothing was found. However, some evidence is now surfacing that its pilot is the missing link to solve the disappearance.

A good day to fly

The Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur airport with nothing out of the ordinary. For all the 239 passengers and the plane's crew on board the flight, it was business as usual.

Everything was normal in the first 38-minutes it was in the air. Sometimes, after the last contact with the flight, the plane disappeared after 38-minutes. No radio or mayday was sent, and the aeroplane's disappearance is now a mystery.

Based on the destination of the aircraft, it should have landed in Beijing, China. Later, nothing more than a few traces of the craft (Boeing 777) was found, and there is still speculation about it.

After three years, the airliner has long since vanished in 2014. Mysteriously, debris has been appearing on beaches in the Indian Ocean. The next question is, whether the washed-up debris is from the ill-fated MH370. At this point, experts are baffled about this occurrence.

 A search for the lost airliner was suspended in 2018. Which left a big question mark what caused it to disappear. Investigators are still baffled what happened to it.

Conspiracy theories about MH730s disappearance

Flight MH730 has not been found, and there are speculative guesses why the plane just cut contact from air control.

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One of these conspiracy theories is that whether the pilot caused an intentional crash or if the plane was hijacked mid-air.

Others speculate that the flight controls were remote commandeered and hacked, and if the plane landed outside of radar ranger and it was lost to radar altogether.

The ground control was in radio contact with flight MH370 38-minutes after takeoff and then total radio silence, no civilian radar contacts too.

After briefly blipping off the civilian radar, it was tracked by military-grade radar systems, then all contact was lost forever. The flight and the people on board disappeared like a mystery with no resolution till now.

According to some theorists, the fight changed course drastically from landing in Beijing to some unknown place on the globe. The crew was never heard from even a brief radio contact. These jets carry a significant amount of fuel for long flights with no refueling.

The clues

An MH730 wingtip was washed up in the coast of Tanzania. Analysis of the part was concluded as not deployed in flight, indicating a death dive into the Indian Ocean with terrified passengers who knew how they will die.

Peter Foley, head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau search confirm the flap was not used in a controlled landing, citing satellite data that the flight was in a "one-way death dive."

According to Mirror UK, the pilot of MH370 Zaharie Ahmad Shah had troubles that affected his judgement on the fatal flight. He dove the plane on that day, the pilot of MH370 taking all crew and passengers in a watery grave. Rumours reveal Zaharie had been having problems with his family life, which could be a result of his affairs as told by his wife. Although he is still living with wife, Faizah Hanun, it is said that the pair has parted ways.

To get more details about the pilot's condition, Faizah was interviewed by the FBI and Malaysian Police. She said that her husband was seem isolated weeks before the incident. She added that Zaharie has been spending a lot of time with his flight simulator.

On the other hand, his daughter Aishah Zaharie, also observed that something was different with her father. She said,“He wasn’t the father I knew. He seemed disturbed and lost in a world of his own.”

Co-workers and friends of Zaharie claims that he was indeed having affairs with different women and was feeling lonely days before the plane went missing. However, these are mere speculations and no one can confirm the veracity of these reports. Thus, stories behind the disappearance of MH370 remains a conspiracy theory.

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