An Indonesian politician said an underwater drone found by local fishermen last month is of Chinese origins. The Chinese navy is active in the South China Sea and carrying out naval related activities.

 The People's Liberation Army Navy is conducting probes of Indonesian water to look for sub passages used by Chinese subs.

 According to the Governor of the Indonesian region of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah, last Tuesday, the unknown drone's investigation shows it might belong to China. The only probable nation that will deploy it is China reported The Epoch Times. Abdullah added that it might not be China who deployed the unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV).

 Defense and security experts were referenced to identify the small drone. It was identified as the "Sea Wing" drones used by the Chinese navy for missions and other functions.

 The Indonesian defense commentator JATOSINT posted on Twitter last December 29 that the captured underwater spy drone's specs are likely from China.

 As reported by the Anadolu Agency, on January 4, the Indonesian naval chief Admiral Yudo Margono said the unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), when found, had no distinct markings on it. Its overall structure was similar to designs used by the United States, France, China, Japan, and Canada. Still unsaid, but China is the most likely suspect.

The UUV or drone is under examination in the Indonesian Navy's Center for Hydrography and Oceanography. To analyze the design and check everything about it.

 Coupled with the increased presence of the PLAN in South China, which is worrisome to government authorities.

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 Azis Syamsuddin, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, stated on January 1 that the drone or perhaps a Chinese sub passed through its Indonesian territorial waters is illegal. Passing in these waters need permission too.

He added that the Indonesian Foreign Ministry should protest to whoever launched the drone that was caught near the Selayar Island. A fisherman caught the drone in South Sulawesi province.

There is a need for coordination with the Foreign Ministry and the military (TNI) commander to act on the situation. Another is the proper response to the foreign UUV intrusion.

 It's not the first time to happen. In March 2019, the first incident occurred at Indonesia's Riau Islands, which is significant because the drone was near Singapore and Indonesia's Surabaya Naval Base, in the Malacca Strait, a route for Australian merchant vessels to pass through.

 An Indonesian security analyst Muhammad Fauzan speculates the drone was found to be Chinese. Then it is looking for ways and routes for PLAN subs. This intel will give an advantage to Chinese subs when transiting between China and Darwin in Australia. Mapping these underwater paths is essential for the Chinese submarine force.

 Indonesia sits right where multiple shipping routes are found and is the main seaway for all Indo-Pacific, including critical waterways like the Malacca and Lombok Straits.

 Passing through the straits are Australian exports, including resources, energy, and agricultural produce. Here pass the imported liquid energy supplies and consumer goods from Asia and Europe. That is why China keeps on the South China Sea.

 Fauzan mentioned on January 1 in an interview; if it were a Chinese drone, it would get intel and do other activities. The Indonesian politician said an underwater drone is a serious sign of more complex South China Sea events.

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