Since the coronavirus outbreak, the toll is rising, and a patient in a Wuhan hospital has passed the virus to 10 hospital staff, including for more patients. All over the world, the coronavirus has infected 34,000 people, with 720 dead and causing panic in 12 countries.

A new twist to the plot is now very troubling with 138 coronavirus patients and what is happening there. Despite the circumstances, the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) has uncovered news about the coronavirus at Wuhan.

Records at the Wuhan Zhongnan Hospital reveal that from Jan. 1 to 28, suspected carriers were admitted unknowingly by the hospital staff. These patients were aged from 22 to 95 years old, with a median age of 56 years old. Most of the had symptoms of the coronavirus, which was not exposed to the public yet. Through interactions with the already positive patient, about 40 hospital staff were already infected by patients with viral sickness.

Scanty reports state that one positive for coronavirus, infected four other patients accidentally, which lead to spreading the SARS-like disease.

 This brings back the fear brought on by SARS and MERS that includes the coronavirus that ravaged numbers of people in a fearsome pandemic. Superspreading viruses are a threat inside a hospital like what is happening in Wuhan.

Fast infection and transfer of the virus from carriers, help spread the coronavirus in China. Furthermore, the epidemic was brought by infected mainlanders to other countries that spread the disease further. Adding to more incidences and creating a global pandemic, making it an official coronavirus outbreak declared by the world health organization (WHO).

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Symptoms of the coronavirus are cough, fever, cold, including nausea and diarrhea that was an indication of the disease. Later, more problems connected with the virus is headaches, stomach pains, and dizziness that led to positive infection. But some 10% did not experience cough, fever, nausea, and diarrhea until it is too late.

Patients who are already positive with hard breathing that gets worse. They deteriorate fast without proper care, from the coronavirus is yet to be fully studied by doctors for a cure.

Another report from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), relates that hospitals in Beijing admitted patient from Jan.16 to 29 several patients from 34 to 50 years old. The youngest patient was a two-year-old toddler, who got infected by the coronavirus, all of them got better and despite getting sick with the viral infection.

Other developments in China

According to the Global Times, the Chinese government called out Hong Kong activists and foreigners who are using the death of Li Wenliang to stir trouble in PRC.

Suppression by the government and the clampdown of social media is resulting in anger at the government's handling of the coronavirus epidemic. One instance is offering a reward to point out those who might be infected with 1,000 renminbi. Encouraging people to help the government by informing, who is sick with the coronavirus epidemic.

Chinese leader, Xi Jinping is now under fire as the coronavirus outbreak is testing the communist leadership's control over the country. More fatalities due to the coronavirus and an endangered citizenry and economy is not a good situation for China as a whole. Refusal to allow foreign experts to help in containing the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a backlash in China and abroad.

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