Fox News was threatened after reports that Smartmatic machines software were instrumental in swinging the votes to Biden. The firm denied the claims that were substantiated in audits on its voting terminals.

 Smartmatic went on the offensive when Fox aired claims the firm is involved in many voting irregularities.

 Smartmatic threatened litigation against Fox, Newsmax, and OANN by sending letters to retract what they broadcasted as defamatory. The voting firm cited many statements that were allegedly wrong and not true.

Another is that they are not guilty of the allegations and even going as far as to say discrediting the 2020 elections in the U.S. Defending its tabulation that Joe Biden is the legitimate winner, reported The Epoch Times.

 The letter addressed to Fox Network (pdf) had all the statements and defamatory claims reported by news sources. These claims say that Smartmatic has a connection to the Dominion Voting Systems, and the company has a link to the Venezuelan government.

  Another is the machines made to have backdoors for vote manipulation. Overall the machines enabled cheating on a massive level. The U.S. Elections is the latest victim of the vote swinging firm based on the evidence from challenges.

Fox did broadcast something of a retraction in a Lou Dobbs segment last Friday. It is supposed to run a while over several programs.
The segment features a discussion that touches on mail-in voting irregularities, election voting machines, and voting software. Eddie Perez, an expert for the independent Open-Source Election Technology Institute, was asked to answer the questionable election claims that were still contested, in the Fox News segment.

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One of the questions was if Perez has seen evidence that votes were flipped in the 2020 Election. He answered that it was proven that Smartmatic software could alter the results when counting votes.

 He repeated no relationship exists with Smartmatic or Dominion Voting Machines, which is a similar company but not the same. Adding the software used in the election is only the United States after the November election.

The software can't send to a remote foreign country any votes to be counted. It was not possible, and votes cast in the U.S. were counted in the U.S., not in a foreign country intent on causing chaos.

Perez said that any connection between Smartmatic and billionaire activist George is a pure fallacy at most.

After taking back what Fox said, Smartmatic acknowledged that Lord Mark Malloch Brown, the chairman of SGO (owns Smartmatic), is part of Soros's Open Society Foundation. He is the newest president of the foundation.

Newsmax last Monday had the same format as what Fox posted.

 Sidney Powell received a demand to retract what she said, called her antic not accurate, and disinformation against Smartmatic. Her statement in her cases was not legitimate, even having false expert testimony.

In one citation in June 2017, the Philippine Department of Justice charged Smartmatic and Comelec personnel who tamper with the voting terminals. It was May 2016 when elections were held using Smartmatic machines in the Philippines.

The Epoch Times has asked for comment from Fox News, and outlets asked for a retraction.

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