Dominion's 'adjudication' in the audit was suspected as the culprit for the number of votes reported. This feature enabled massive fraud in one county that is courtesy of Dominion.

 More surprises from the computer audit of the Dominion Voting Systems that has dodged critical questions are exposed.

 New evidence reinforces that Dominion Voting Systems are compromised from the first glitch to the anomalous vote flips. The audit revealed an adjudication feature that was not common knowledge but hidden. It gives operators an option to override the results like 'flip' a trump vote, reported The Epoch Times.

 An audit in the county uncovered an anomalous high tabulation error rate that will be an abnormally large number of ballots for adjudication. Reflect an increase in the number of votes that is not for Trump.

 Some states authorize election officials with bipartisan supervision to check a voting form with an error to be determined who gets it's before canceling it. That was not the case when GOP observers were intentionally locked out by DEMS electoral personnel.

 Dominion machines automatically flag a ballot with defects in the adjudication feature, like mistakes detected on the voting form. Only one bubble is allowed, not multiple ones; more than one is a red flag. If this happens, it will be sent for adjudication, and the operator can decide who gets the vote. 

 The audit detected a large number that should be verified by count officials. These officials are casting doubt on the eve that fraud might be proven.

 Antrim County has been audited, and the forensics show the tabulation logs have a large error of 70% done by experts to dig up proof of fraud. Immediately the answer was the county did not use Dominion adjudication, which the compromise election company denied.

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 They explain the error rate caused by the computer system that generated more ballots to be overridden and decided by an operator. It was a computer error based on a program when reports of many ballot forms were dumped or uploaded after elections.

 It is alleged in many places that had the Dominion voting terminals in use, with the same hidden tool exposed in the audit.

 Fulton County, Georgia, and Atlanta admitted that about 113,130 absentee ballots got scanned by DEMS connected poll personal. On November 4, there was a total of 106,000 uncertain votes that were assigned, said Richard Barron. He is the county's director of elections.

 As more question wanted answers, a statement from Jessica Corbitt said the remarks of Barron was about the ballots that needed to be adjudicated. It did not matter if it was only one in 113,130 absentee ballots. Each batch was several dozens of votes, but the official dodged the exact number.

 Based on the audit and analysis, they did adjudication for all ballots as a whole, and the results were not for President Trump. There should have been a few, not a wholesale decision on all votes.

 The county got evasive as more questions arose; not even emails were answered.

 Take note that a vote-marking machine will duplicate all the adjudicated ballots that fail to scan. Here the worker will decide who gets the vote. It is a part of Dominion's 'adjudication,' which is not made public, and many forms can be generated by one machine. Dominion still disputed this.

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