According to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Beijing is a threat that cannot be ignored. The CCP is the most significant challenge post World War, and it will not let go of its ambitions.

John Ratcliffe said that the Chinese Regime of Xi Jinping is an emerging adversary to the United States and freedom-loving countries. He stressed it would be a defining threat of this generation to challenge, as Chinese expansionism is felt everywhere.

A report in the Wall Street Journal by Ratcliffe mentions his function in the DNI gives access to all the intelligence threats other than President Trump. He adds it provides insight into actual potential adversaries that should be assessed. China is one that cannot be ignored, reported The Epoch Times.

 One fact stands out, and China is not playing around and wants to be more powerful than the US. More ominous is its drive to dominate economies by offering loans that cannot be paid, then seizing assets. Next is the US military challenge in the Indo Pacific, Indian Ocean, and an expanding navy to assert military dominance. To develop technology by all means, even by cyber espionage and institutions under the civilian guise, Radcliffe stressed.

 He echoed the sentiment of top Trump administration officials against the Chinese Communist Party and warning of the dangers to freedom. Beijing wants to topple the US and overpower it to become the sole superpower on the planet.

The Director of National Intelligence becomes an Omni superpower that will have dire consequences for the world. To date, the means deployed to achieve this goal by subterfuge and companies connected to the state and military. Recently CCP 1000 Chinese researchers left the US in a huff to avoid getting caught.

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Last Thursday, Radcliffe told Fox News that many in the government have fixated on Russia as the threat, intentionally ignoring China. China is the most immediate threat and criticized 'politicizing intelligence' for not doing something about it.

He added that people who have voted in the elections for their representatives, mentioning those in the office using confidential intel for their benefit, must-see China as an adversary. CCP and Beijing are the main threat to this generation of America. Those promoting the Russian threat should stop.

Citing more instances that the entrenched CCP will not be content with small change wants to best America in all domains at all costs.

He told Fox that China wants in on all domains and kick America out in fields like military power, economics, supply chain issues, foreign investment, technologically, cyber issues, cyber warfare, 5G, telecommunications to control it. That country is ready and now challenging America in those fields; it must be stopped.

The reason for the op-ed by Ratcliffe is to swing American lawmakers from the aggressive stance of Beijing to influence Washington. It becomes essential as the elections will soon come close as the Trump administration is thoroughly anti-China.

Ratcliffe revealed that China made a considerable effort to lobby in their favor via several dozen lower house members and Congressional aides.

Compared to Iran and Russia, he briefed House and Senate Intelligence committees that China actively targeted Congress Members. Six times more than Russia, and 12 times that of Iran.

The Director of National Intelligence said that the CCP wants to override freedom and not stop taking down America.

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