China is playing hardball as five Chinese research scientists are arrested in the U.S. and charged accordingly. Beijing is issuing a threat to hostage Americans who have not committed the same crimes as Chinese in America.

 Last Saturday, this was reported as many Chinese nationals have been busted stealing research for the CCP in Beijing. Relations between the two countries have gone south as the U.S. combats China on all fronts, reported New York Post.

 According to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese have been on the edge as U.S. officials have been openly dismissive of Chinese demands. Beijing has grown an inflated head that it believes it can bully America, but it's the opposite.

China has been actively stealing research and undermining the U.S. on all fronts to get the upper hand, even using students and researchers to do their dirty work.

 At least five Chinese military-affiliated scholars are posing to enter American universities to steal research and use it. This tactic is not working, and their people caught red-handed has forced the Chinese Communist Party to use hostage diplomacy to get back at the U.S. for detaining its agents,

One of the most common violations of these Chinese nationals is they lied about their status to the Immigration officials. Many of these individuals are intimately linked with the system of Chinese espionage in other countries. China considers American institutions a good source of research to steal.

Many of them are active members of China's People's Liberation Army. Who works with local consulates while undercover.

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Warnings have been increasing over the summer, when Chinese research scientist Juan Tang got nabbed red-handed at the University of California, stealing data from studies. The FBI interrogated Tang staying in the Chinese consulate for a month in San Francisco.

 She immediately responded by retaliating if she was kept in the United States and allowed to go back to China, said the report about the incident.

Instead of following Beijing, they waited and arrested the researcher who lied for Beijing. When leaving the consulate, she is fair game, said the Journal.

Ms. Tang was on bail when she pled not guilty on a count of visa fraud charges. When asked if China had assisted her, the answer is no.

Four others were similarly arrested and charged by U.S. authorities about concealing their secret affiliation to the PLA. But most did not plead guilty too. As far as the U.S. government is concerned, they are liabilities on American soil. The administration still wages war against espionage.

Last July, the standoff at the Chinese consulate in Houston ends with closing the embassy. Several videos of burning smoke came from inside. An ultimatum was given for all People's Liberation Army affiliated.

 The accusation that Chinese diplomats are giving their people instructions in universities what cutting-edge scientific research to steal. Next is how to send the data to them without arousing suspicion.

A source that declined to be identified did not name but told all U.S. citizens to settle all manner of legal disputes, or the government will look in them from leaving China as a measure to prevent legal apprehension.

China's threat to hostage Americans shows it does not respect the law.

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