Rapper Kodak Black, detained on weapons charges, called out to incumbent President Donald Trump to grant him a presidential pardon. He promised to donate $1 million to charity during his first year of freedom.

The rapper wrote the plea on Twitter in his signature capitalized style to prompt the president.

Kodak Black Vows to Donate $1M

"If The President Them Free Me , I'm Gonna Spend 1 million on Charity within The First Year I'm Out. That's on Everything," wrote Black on Friday, November 27.

Trump has cast a wide net with his pardons. These include symbolic and posthumous pardons of boxer Jack Johnson and suffragette Susan B. Anthony and of his friends and advisers, including Michael Flynn and Roger Stone.

The 23-year-old wrote on Twitter on Friday (November 27). The tweet calling out Trump has since been deleted.

Black is currently serving his 46-month imprisonment for making false statements on federal forms upon purchasing firearms at a weapons store, reported Just Jared.

In April, Black requested a meeting with the Republican, indicating he thought of something in Miami but forgot about it because he thinks of crazy things at times.

According to Kodak Black in an open letter on Instagram, "Tell Donald Trump to pull-up on me, I got a brilliant idea. I thought of something back in Miami but I dismissed it ['cause] I be thinking I b crazy sometimes. This s--t keep following me tho! This ain't got nothing to do with my wrongful conviction, come see me I got my corona mask on," reported The Source.

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Fans of Kodak Black, whose legal name is Bill Kahan Kapri, are left wondering regarding the outcome of his plea.

It is not the first attempt of Black at persuading Trump to commute his almost four-year sentence. In September, the rapper's attorneys, Bradford Cohen and Jonathan Schwartz, issued a detailed petition to Trump.

The Florida native's scheduled release date is in August 2022.

A pardon is a government decision indicated in Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution that grants the president the power to enable a person accused or convicted of a federal crime to be relieved of all or some of the legal consequences.

Cohen and Schwartz noted that Black's 46-month sentence is harsh in comparison to the average sentence of individuals convicted of federal weapons charges claimed to be mere 18 months.

Black is currently imprisoned in USP Thomson in Illinois. However, he recently transferred from USP Big Sandy in Kentucky, where he alleged he was being "tortured."

Many months ago, the president addressed the possibility of pardoning the reality star.

Black earlier shared his support for the Trump government's Platinum Plan, which vows to increase access to capital in Black communities by nearly $500 billion. He wrote on Twitter, "This is what the community needs.... more ownership. That plan is right! I want to help with justice reform when I am out as well."

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