As the holiday season draws near, the pandemic's effects, known as Covid-19, is expected to be much more evident.

Decline in travel as the holiday nears

Travels will be as much as possible prevented or restricted by implementing proper medical and health-related guidelines to ensure every traveler's safety during this upcoming holiday. A much thinner number of people is expected as crowds, and medium to large gatherings are prohibited.

With a seemingly increasing number of cases in the United States, after it reached an alarming rate again, people took a step back on whether to continue traveling and getting together with their families during this expected joyous holiday.

However, it appears that less than 30% of the population is still fixed on their intention to travel. Others cite being with their families, especially during these trying times, even just this holiday, will significantly boost their emotional morale and is worth the risk of being infected by the virus.

Travelling, especially during this kind of holiday, is inarguably a factor in spreading the virus. That is why the Center for Disease Control of the United States is tireless in discouraging the population from continuing the tradition of gathering between families during the holiday season.

In line with these warnings, bookings on airlines, trains, and travel companies suffered a sharp decline. Forgoing traveling and gathering during this holiday is the best decision but not the favored one for the people since their parents, kids, or grandkids were missing each other because of the prolonged time of not seeing each other. 

Increase in holiday bookings

On the other hand, sudden increases in holiday bookings were observed during these past few days after the announcement of pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer that their vaccines together with BioNTech showed a favorable efficacy rate of more than 90%. These announcements provided a massive boost to people wanting to be with their families during this holiday season. 

These made the country's experts more forceful in their warnings discourage Americans from traveling and getting together with their families. According to them, Americans should take their time to think about the varying risks to people belonging to different age groups when infected by the Covid-19 virus and whether they want to and are prepared to face these risks. 

Even with the sudden boost in the people's interest to continue their traditions, the majority of the American people were still skeptical when it came to traveling. Laura Bult canceled her flight days before her scheduled flight because of the experts' strict warnings regarding the spread risks of traveling. According to her, there is a lot of travel-shaming going on Twitter. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, staying home, even during this time where we should be out enjoying the blessings of this pompous holiday season, will significantly help ourselves, others, and the healthcare workers. We can forego the celebration for now and live to do it some other time when determined to be safe for the general public.