The former national security adviser Michael Flynn will be pardoned by President Trump. This is after his guilty plea in connection with the Russia probe.

According to sources, President Trump will be pardoning Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. He pled guilty in December 2017 in connection to the Russian probe, in which President Donald Trump was cleared later on.

Axios has come across sources that are privy to Flynn's pardon. In December 2017 he was accused of lying to the FBI.

Those with direct knowledge of the upcoming meeting with Trump say that Flynn will be one of several pardons that will be executed. From now until his last days of office, the official pardons will be done.

Four years ago, after the loss of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, the DEMS instigated an investigation into alleged ties of the Trump Campaign. Democrats allege that Donald Trump's connection with Russian to maneuver him to a spectacular victory over Clinton in the 2016 elections, reported MSN

Flynn is seen as an attack by the former Obama Administration as political retaliation, especially by Trump supporters who see the DEMS not happy at the results of the 2016 elections.

 In his defense, the lawyers of Michael Flynn and those of the conservative media called what the FBI did as entrapment. Another is the case as part of a wider campaign to negate the Russian probe.

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Early 2020, President Trump converted the sentence of Roger Stone, who was also charged by the Mueller investigation. The president called these actions a targeted political vendetta that is akin to a witch-hunt.

 All the trouble started for Flynn in 2016, when transitioning from an Obama to Trump administration. In a supposedly private conversation between Flynn and former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, he asked the situation not to worsen. Previously, the Obama presidency has sanctioned Russia for interfering in US Election.

Because of Flynn's lies and leaving out the sanctions, Vice President Mike Pence repeated the media's denial. It caused a chain reaction in the Justice Department officials over repercussions that rendered the national security adviser a target for Russian blackmail.

He was interviewed in January 2017, by FBI agents without the benefit of a lawyer present. The agents said it was a counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference. Due to the circumstances, he lied to the FBI that was a plea deal with Robert Mueller.

In 2020, two years of delays courtesy of his cooperation with the Mueller investigation. Flynn and his lawyers argued in court to get back his guilty plea, citing misconduct.

A federal prosecutor assigned by Attorney General Bill Barr that charges be dropped because of how the FBI interview was done.

 But District Judge Emmet Sullivan did not take the advice and asked for remedies for his case. Michael Flynn had to find other legal avenues that ended in August.

 President Trump's pardon keeps him from the courts and Justice Department with Biden ideologues.

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