Last Saturday, President Trump posted on Twitter to slam a Biden Cabinet in the making. His legal team is in the midst of a legal fight to prove that voter fraud is real.

 His legal eagles have uncovered fraud at many levels that have rendered this election problematic. Many voters are aghast as the votes taken from Trump is done brazenly.

 He asked why Biden is ignoring the fact that he is the recipient of fraudulent votes that were uncovered by his investigators. Hinting that they were enough to change the stolen votes and returned to Trump in for states where fraud was rampant. On Twitter, he asked how can a Biden Cabinet be formed under doubt, reported Fox News.

 On Saturday, U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew Brann decided on the latest case that was a disappointment for the Trump 2020 Campaign. This is only one of the cases that alleges cheating by the Biden camp, over several states.

 Trump added that apathy in the courts and legislators will do the right thing and reverse where it is leading to. At stake is an election marred by DEMS suspected of cheating and what the United States of America stands for.

But his legal team has not been able to reverse any state counts because they have to prove that the vote has been ignoring despite the weight of the evidence of poll cheating. Top Trump team lawyer and personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani, has hammered the evidence which is ominously ignored.

Trump versus Cheney

It is not just Democrats who are against the president, some Republicans have signified their opposition clear.

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In a Friday statement, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming said that Trump and his legal team have alleged that electoral crimes committed during polling. Adding proof gleaned will grossly affect the election tally, which can strip Biden off his lead. She insinuated if there is real evidence out there, it should be given in court and the American people.

Adding that that should Trump be unable to show the proof needed or show that it can alter the voting results. He should comply as president of the United States to respect the constitution and respect the electoral process. As Cheney made this statement, proof has been building up.

Trump has been the target from the moment he signified his candidacy, and hounded by the DEM establishment took to Twitter after Cheney.

He tweeted that the proof does not lie when the greatest number of illegal votes were casted; even dead people voted for Biden. If given the chance, the results will be more for him. Adding that more troops stationed abroad will go home, America is where they belong.

Susan Collins talked to Politico and said that the course of action Trump is taking is not correct. Putting the vise on state election officials is not the proper venue as well. Citing this as the President is not conceding to Biden because the election is not over yet. He plans to meet with Michigan lawmakers.

Will a Biden cabinet be appropriate when voter fraud is suggested? More proof is dug up and the ex-VP is questioned by many.

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