A man fatally shoots his wife, and mother in law when he was unable to find his gun magazine. He later on regretted gunning down both in the weekend.

The shooter, Frederick Lee Clea, told the police that it was not intended, but he was sorry for shooting both victims to death. Those killed by the wild outburst of Clea, is his 41-year-old wife, Latiya, and her 75-year-old mother, Mekenda Sanders, reported Crazy America.

He killed the two, in their family home at Cheltenham on Saturday. It was where they lived and where both victims got shot to death.

 When asked by the police after his arrest, they interviewed him about the motive for shooting the two. He admitted that it was about a misplaced gun magazine that made him lose his temper after arguing with Latiya. 

 He added the argument started, when he was looking for a 'loaded' gun magazine for a pistol. He remembered that his wife has it. 

 Frederick went through the room turning everything over, just to find the bullets that were unexpectedly used to kill his victims. The ammo magazine was found and loaded into his 9-mm pistol. Then he went to the kitchen where he came upon his wife and mother-in-law in the kitchen, handling the groceries.

He explained to the police that he still argued with his wife and popped rounds into the women. 

The investigators were told that the victims did nothing to anger him.,adding that even his stepmother was quiet during the argument. He just shot them for no reason at all, as admitted to the investigators.

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A call on Saturday sent the police to the Clea home, reporting a domestic disturbance

On the 911-call, there in the background was a woman screaming about something done to her, and mentioning something about her leg, with much alarm, said the complaint, confirmed MSN.

 During the call, gunshots rang about 20 second, then there were three rounds at 12 seconds later, noted investigators.

When the police went to the location, the shooter let the police in and told them that he lost it and killed the two women and shot them.

Police who arrived on the scene went to check on the victims and found both dead with gunshot wounds. Latiya and Sanders were already dead beyond any help, cited DNYUZ.

The county coroner examined the corpses of the slain victims, Latiya got shot five times by her husband, more than Sanders who just got a single good shot in the chest that was immediately fatal.

 Inside the house, when the shooter went amuck was two children, aged-5 or 10. They are now with relatives. There were two incidences of domestic violence according to sources.

statement said that buying a gun and his temper resulted into the death of the the two victims. There are two orphans with no grandparent, as a result of the crime. He will stay in prison for life. 

Frederick was charged with two counts of first- and third-degree murder, as well as possessing an instrument of crime.

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