A Buffalo man is facing insurance fraud charges after he intentionally vandalized his BMW with Trump graffiti. He alleged that someone else had spray-painted his car, but prosecutors accused him of having committed the "crime" himself.

The accusation was leveled at Clifton Eutsey, 18, on Tuesday at the Buffalo City Court.

Aside from the insurance fraud, Eutsey was also charged with a felony and of falsely reporting an incident, reported Buffalo News.

More charges have been filed, like three misdemeanors, offering a false instrument for filing in the second degree, falsifying business records, and falsely reporting an incident, all tied to the insurance fraud.

Eutsey surrendered on Tuesday morning and went to his virtual hearing. He was incarcerated at the Buffalo Police Department's central booking facility, noted Fox News.

According to the report filed on October 15 on Saranac Avenue in North Buffalo, the vandalism got reported by his neighbor, said the Erie County District Attorney John Flynn.

Based on first-hand reports, Eutsey's car was spray-painted with various images on its body. The Old model BMW had busted and broken windshields and sugar in its gas tank.

His attorney, Frank LoTempio III, cited a plea of not guilty on all charges against Eutsey. Due to the state bail reform measures, the judge could not set bail on this insurance fraud.

City Court Judge Shannon Heneghan told the suspect to behave when freed. But District Attorney Flynn said that he got caught on video to prove the charge.

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After the vandalizing incident made waves, Eutsey got an offer to fix the car. The DA told the garage owner that the vehicle has been impounded by the police and is not available for repair.

Eutsey's stunt and antics to get insurance to pay for his vandalized vehicle did not go unnoticed. One auto-body shop was willing to shoulder all expenses to fix the car. This offer was up for grabs during the case investigation.

Frank Todaro, the proprietor of Collision Masters body repair shop, said that it could be done and that it was not a big deal at all. Todaro is a legislator in Erie County and said the damage to Eutsey's BMW could be fixed for free.

Eutsey's troubles may not be over soon as another case was filed against him on October 24. Based on the DA's office, a report was filed by two Buffalo police officers who saw him get out of a car with the engine on. It happened along Erskine Avenue. They waited for Eutsey to come out and drive away.

The police officers then caught up with him near Suffolk Street and found that Eutsey was driving without a license. The car was searched, and they discovered two loaded, unlicensed handguns. Thus, Eutsey was charged for illegal weapons possession, no driver's license, and an unattended car for leaving the engine on when he stepped out of it. 

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