More election shenanigans have been uncovered as more proof of anomalous activities crop up and are reported. In Wayne County, several GOP members decided to vote against certifying the DEMS election results were bullying them.

The two members aligned with the Republicans issued in affidavits last Wednesday of the gross irregularities committed by Biden's follower. Swearing that they were subject to bullying and coercion, which prompted them to recant votes to certify the results as valid, reported Fox News.

Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann, the two lone republicans, were engaging in a short deadlock to certify that the votes have not tampered in any way. Their voices are needed to validate results as a mandate by law.

Wayne County, which includes Detroit, is where most inhabitants reside, with a total vote of 1.7 million residents living there.

According to Jenna Ellis, a Trump campaign lawyer remarked to Fox News that the two were assaulted verbally and threatened by the DEMS, who reacted aggressively over valid concerns over the counting. This alarmed the two as to the intentions of the DEMS in their actions during the counting. Fox News was informed last Tuesday.

Like the rest who have witnessed irregularities brazenly committed, Hartmann saw a repeat of irregularities in absentee voter counts. Before the elections, DEMS were very focused on absentee voting as well. He notices that a glaring 71% of the Detroit 134 absentee counting board was very irregular and full of spurious data.

 Immediately, he said there were mismatching entries, and other irregularities noticed that was conveniently ignored. Many votes were not matched, as seen echoed by Powell as well. In their opinion, they were glaring discrepancies.

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Hartmann specified in his affidavit, said JustTheNews, that reported the election bombshell. He is quoted, "I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified."

 Palmer claimed threats and verbal attacks on her person, even verbal threats by maligning DEMS to her family.

She added that Biden followers were aggressively reacting to her and Hartmann for exercising their inherent right not to certify the election tally. Telling the outlet of the attempt to reverse their choice.

She had to endure personal attacks by other members, despite the pressure to finish the meeting with no break.

Both of them weren't contacted for remarks by Fox News till late Wednesday.

It might not be so predictable when state officials disregarded their rescinding of results. Action on the no vote of the two is not given any merit as the ex-VP has a huge lead. No indication if withdrawing their vote will be considered by state officials.

From Trump to all the republicans, they were credited for undergoing attacks by DEMS who are incalcitrant and resort to such practices. They were even attacked on a zoom meeting.

One Ned Staebler, chief executive of TechTown, launched vitriol on the two as he attacked their allegiance to President Trump. This was revealed by the New York Times.

Biden Defeated Trump in Wayne County, but these Two Wayne County GOP members taking away their votes will cast a pall on the returns' validity.

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